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How to enable JavaScript and 1st Party cookies?

John J.St. John asked on
To access info vital to me for tax purposes, I need to ensure that Java Script is turned on and 1st party cookies are enabled. In my IE8, none of the tabs under "TOOLS/INTERNET OPTIONS" contain checkboxes that appear to govern either of these two actions.  Help!
Jack St. John
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WillTell replied on

Try this:

Click, Tools>>>Internet Options>>>Privacy tab, Move slider down one or two tics

Security tab, Click, Custom level>>>Scroll all the way down>>>Scripting of Java applets>>>Enable

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BurrWalnut replied on

JavaScript is probably already enabled, but check that it is by going to Internet Options > Security Tab > Internet > Custom Level, scroll down to the Scripting section (near the bottom) and in Active Scripting, ensure there is a check mark against Enable.


I don’t know what you mean by ‘1st party cookies’ so I cannot help on that one, but cookies are almost certainly enabled, look here for more information

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