Q: the default mail client is not properly installed

The default mail client is not properly installed how do you do this? Fed up with excesses and I don't think people I have asked, know how to do it somebody even told me it takes a long time. Shouldn't this be installed in the first place and then give you an option to change it if that is what it is asking? and to which one, or tells you how or what to do, instead of giving the error message which I am sure its not just make us very infuriating.



Unlike Vista & WinXP, Win7 does not and never will include a default Mail Client. [What were they thinking?]

You will have to install one (e.g., MS Outlook; Windows Live Mail; Thunderbird) and then set it as your default for Mail in the CUSTOM (<=important!) section of Set Program Access and Computer Defaults and then restart your computer before any Send To or MailTo functions will become available.

You will find support for Win7 Mail Clients in this forum: 

You will find support for Windows Live Mail in these forums:
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