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When I open some links at the internet, it stopps and shows that internet explorer does not respond and then the computer is freezed and I cannot restart even tuoch the buttons I have to stop PC by press the button on manually



Windows version? Internet Explorer version?

Please follow carefully all the steps here (IE7 and IE8 in Windows Vista):
"Tips for solving problems with Internet Explorer".

IE8 in Windows 7:
"Tips for solving problems with Internet Explorer".
"Open the Internet Explorer Performance troubleshooter".
"Internet Explorer freezes or crashes".
Automatically diagnose and identify browser add-ons that may cause Internet Explorer to become unstable, to crash, or to stop responding. Browser add-ons may include tools, toolbars, assistants, and toys.

Windows XP:
"Internet Explorer stops responding, stops working, or restarts".
"Web sites do not display or work correctly, or Internet Explorer stops responding, stops working, or restarts".

If still no joy...

1. Follow to the letter all the directions in this thread: How to get rid of malware
    1a. You may have to use a non-infected computer for any downloads specified below, until your malware is removed. Use a USB Pen drive or burn to CD or other means to carry the necessary utilities to the infected computer and copy to the Desktop.
    1b. Microsoft® Windows® Malicious Software Removal Tool download here off-line.

2. If still no joy you can find Microsoft MVPs and other trained analysts at the following help sites:

3. If you need more help with virus-related issues, contact Microsoft Product Support Services.

For support within the United States and Canada, call toll-free (866) PCSAFETY (727-2338).

For support outside the United States and Canada, visit the Product Support Services Web page.

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