Q: Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage BUT AOL browser has no problems displaying webpages on the same laptop


A perplexing problem with IE7 using Windows XP.   I CAN access the Internet via my AOL browser using my broadband connection.  No problems.  When I go to IE7 I get the message that it cannot display the page.  I have tried various URLs but still get the same message.  Only once have I been able to BRIEFLY (2-3 seconds) view a page. This problem surfaced when I tried to upgrade to IE8. When I tried to figure out how to fix the problem in IE8, I ended up removingt IE8 and going back to IE7.  But the problem remains.   Now, I cannot upgrade various software programs on my laptop because they all try to use IE.   I am running McAfee Virus Scan 8.5i.  HELP! 




I would suggest you to try running Internet Explorer in No Add-ons mode and check if you can browse the websites, here are the steps:

1.     Click Start, and then type Internet Explorer in the Start Search box.
2.     Click Internet Explorer (No Add-Ons). Internet Explorer opens without add-ons, toolbars, or plug-ins.
3.     Test Internet Explorer to verify that it works correctly.


Try optimizing Internet Explorer and check if it helps, here is the link:


If nothing helps, then I would suggest you to try resetting Internet Explorer settings and check if it helps, here are the steps:


1. Close any Internet Explorer or Windows Explorer windows that are currently open.
2. Open Internet Explorer by clicking the Start button, and then clicking Internet Explorer.
3. Click the Tools button, and then click Internet Options.
4. Click the Advanced tab, and then click Reset.
5. In the Reset Internet Explorer Settings dialog box, click Reset.
6. When Internet Explorer finishes applying default settings, click Close, click OK, and then click OK again.
7. Close Internet Explorer.


Your changes will take effect the next time you open Internet Explorer.


Please respond back with the status on the issue and let us know if you have any issues.

Azam – Microsoft Support.

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