Q: How can I install ActiveX Crystal Report Viewer for Internet Explorer 8 in Windows 7??? Please help :(( This thread is locked from future replies

I work as a teacher in my country and all of the teachers have to use a site for student's school marks, exams, etc. But the teachers, using Windows 7 with Internet Explorer 8, can not use that web page. Because whenever we try to take a report, IE8 asks for installing ActiveX Crystal Report Viewer Application. Answer is always "Install Application" but it does not install. waiting waiting waiting for hours and no installing and no solution.

Is there anyone who can help me?

Waiting for your respond....



Hi Musti The Dj,

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We can try these steps to help you fix this:

We can do a Clean Boot to make sure no third party programs are causing a problem. The steps are listed in this link:

Secondly, we will try to optimize IE for Resolving this problem. 

Note: I would recommend you to disable Security Softwares on the computer.

We can also add websites; the steps are listed in this link:

We can also enable the Active X Control by going to this Option:

Internet options> trusted sites> Custom level> Scroll down Active x controls and plug ins> enable Run Active x controls and plug ins

You can also refer to this link:

Hope this information is helpful.

Let me know if this worked.

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Thanks sarovi but it didnot worked :((

TEST Other Option is install manually:

The URL for the cabinet file for Crystal 11 (XI Release 1) looks something like this: http://yourwebsitewherecrystalisinstalled/crystalreportviewers11/ActiveXControls/

Once you have extacted the contents to a folder on your hard drive, register the DLLs. You only need to register the DLLs that are not provided by the OS. For Crystal 11 (XI Release 1) the commands to register the DLLs are:





and ready

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Sorry this didn't help.

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