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How can I get IE 8 to display Chinese characters?

Bryan641 asked on
This works in IE6, Firefox & Safari, but in IE 8 I just get little boxes for the Chinese characters.
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Matt H - replied on

Hi Ananth.P,

I can read that page fine too.

It sure sounds like an IE 8 install problem to me.
Let me know how it goes.

Matt Hudson
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Matt Hudson
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HongyuWu replied on

The problem is that IE8's default font for Chinese is set to nothing!

Here's the fix.

  1. Push alt to bring up the file menu.

  2. Go to /tools/internet options/fonts/

  3. Set the "Language Script" to Chinese Simplified

  4. Select the only option - Arial Unicode MS

  5. Accept the changes- problem solved.

This oversight affects Chinese Traditional, Korean, Japanese, and probably most other asian languages.

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