Q: Windows 7, IE8. The send page/link by e-mail options are not highlighted or working.

In IE8 I've noticed that the two send options page/link are not highlighted. I've looked through the IE options and cannot fathom how to turn them on.

I've tried this, but it doesn't seem to help.

IE - Tools - Internet Options - Programs tab - Internet Programs - Set Programs - Set Your Default Programs


Start - Default Programs - Set Your Default Programs

Set the default associations for your email program and IE.

Here are a couple of things to help.

1. Add Send Link by E-mail to the Command Bar

IE - Right Click Command Bar (where House - Full Screen - Tools and so on are) Customize - Add or Remove
Commands - from left menu ADD to Right Menu - Send Link by E-mail. This will call up your default E-mail
Client with the Link in the body of



Unlike Vista & WinXP, neither Win7 nor Win8 includes a default Mail Client. [What were they thinking?]


You will have to install one (e.g., MS Outlook but not; Windows Live Mail; Thunderbird) and then set it as your default for E-mail in the CUSTOM (<=important!) section of Set Program Access and Computer Defaults and then restart your computer before any Send To or MailTo functions will become available.

For others reading this thread & having the same problem, see...


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