Q: I can't import favorites from external harddrive to new computer (running IE 8 Win 7 on new, old files were IE 9 Win 7).

I follow all instructions, but when I click "open" for the folder I want to import, it opens the folder and there is a long list of all my "bookmarks"...It is like it wants me to import each subfolder individually!!! I am going crazy with this and I know a lot about software. What is going on? I see this question about Google Chrome, but I am just using plain Google tool bar.



The Import wizard can only be used to import favorites from a file (e.g., bookmark.htm).

IMHO, should say, "...but you can tell it to import favorites that are saved under a different filename."

Since your backup is a folder, not a file, you'll need to copy/paste. See this archived thread from the old Microsoft WinXP newsgroup (good for Win7, too):


In Windows Vista and Windows 7, Internet Explorer stores your Favorites inside a directory location under your Windows user name; same location for both versions of Windows:


Replace "userName" with your true Windows Vista or Windows 7 user name, and open the folder location: you can press , paste the location, and hit , or paste the path of the Favorites folder directly inside Windows Explorer's address bar:



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