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How to stop Internet Explorer from asking me to select it as default browser?

h8bigbiz asked on

>>>(how do I find the version in Win 7, 64 bit ?

Be precise. Version of what ? Ineternet Explorer version or Win 7 64-bit version ?

I assume you meant Internet Explorer version....

Open Internet Explorer > click Help > click About Internet Explorer > the popup box tells you which IE version you are using.


>>>>Every time I click on no, and every time it opens it asks again

You are supposed to set your browser as default.

If the IE is NOT set as default browser, it will ask you each time you open it. You can not stop that.

Why won't you set it as default ?

You have another browser set as default already ?

"Why won't you set it [IE] as default?"  I don't know about the orig. poster, but the reason I won't set IE as my default browser is because IE is a piece of cr@p compared to just about any other browser; the only reason I use it at all is for Win. updates & 1 site I need to access which is geared to work best with IE (for some strange reason).  So sure be nice to get Internet Exploiter to stop asking to be default; not in a million years!

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Sharief K replied on



Please follow the steps mentioned below and check if it helps.


a. Close all Internet Explorer or Windows Explorer windows.

b. Open Internet Explorer by clicking the Start button. In the search box, type Internet Explorer, and then, in the list of results, click Internet Explorer.

c. Click the Tools button, and then click Internet Options.

d. Click the Programs tab and under Default Web browser uncheck the box “Tell me if internet explorer is not the default browser.”

e. Click on Apply and Ok.


For more information, refer the link mentioned below.




Hope the information is helpful!

K.Z. Sharief Khan
Ex-Microsoft Forum Moderator
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