Why is Ragnarok Online's patch failing to connect? Why is WarpPortal down?

I tried reconnecting on Ragnarok Online and it tells me "Failed to connect to patch server"!

I tried looking at the forums and it never fixed the problem!

I was trying to get back online for Ragnarok, but patch failed!

I tried contacting WarpPortal, but couldn't access it, because diagnostics say that they "can't find solution to the problem"!

I was going to redownload Ragnarok Patch Client, because Ragnarok is down, but now I can't access it!

I tried update, but it shows "Error"!

I don't know what to do! Help me!

This happened between 6:30PM-7:00PM August 2 2014, because during that time suddenly I was disconnected from server for no reason!

It also happened after trying to log back in for it said "Failed to connect to server"!

I tried logging in 2 times and it was a "no go" :(

I have a Windows 7 laptop and I can't seem to fix my patch server!

Hope you can help!

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Found the solution! DON'T OPEN TOO MANY FOLDERS! It messes up the patch!

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