Warning: Fake Adobe Flash Update

There is a fake Flash update that pops up when Flash is already up to date.  It puts malware on your computer that takes over your search engine.  This is what it looks like.  Do not click on this.  You can go to Control Panel and double click the Flash icon and check to see if Flash it is up to date using the Advanced tab.


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Do you know what kind of malware it puts on your computer? I think I had this pop up last week, but I can't remember if I clicked on it then or went directly to my Adobe to check, then download? I think I may have clicked on it? After I installed flash the first time or downloaded this update, I still had problems, then had to remove it, clear all browser history for Adobe, then install again, w/o my firewall or security running. If it did install malware, do you think my McAfee scanner would have caught it by now? I don't really have much confidence in McAfee, but it's free from my ISP! Also, I started having problems w/ viewing pages, videos not playing correctly, but thought it was from the updates back in Aug/Sept, that has many computers messed up from installing updates w/ issues, still waiting while they try to come up with a solution. Thanks for any information!

Can’t remember the name but it took over my default search and made it something else.  When it happened I knew right away and I found the name on Control Panel>Programs and Features and uninstalled it. 

Then I went to the search engine add on page for Chrome and IE and was able to remove the search engine from both browsers.  (Again can’t remember the name for sure.) Then I chose my previous default search engine again.

It also took my home page away and I had to set that again.

Finally I ran MalwareBytes and it found one last remnant.

It was not a virus; it was adware that installed a search program that supposedly protected your searches.  I don’t think it installs the same thing every time. 

I googled “protected search” just now and I found Search Protect by Conduit.  I think this was it.  I recall now the stray file MalwareBytes found was a “conduit” file.

If you got anything it was likely not this or your Home Page would have changed to the Search Protect website and your default search engine would have changed to Search Protect.

I immediately removed the program and scanned for viruses and adware and all that was found was the one stray file from Conduit.  My computer is working normally.  There are some horror stories that I just found but none of that happened to me.  It came off easy as above and I can’t find it hiding anywhere now that I have looked further.

For anyone who did get this, just google “conduit search engine removal” and there is lots of advice and how to's.

If you know when you may have clicked on the Fake Flash Update and don’t know what was put on your computer, you might see what was installed at that time in Programs and Features.

"Also, I started having problems w/ viewing pages, videos not playing correctly.  .  .  . " 

I have given up viewing Flash on IE.  Never know if it is going to work.  Problems with my desktop and my lap top, both the same.  I use Chrome most of the time now.  IE seems to require a pristine environment or something.  Every little thing seems to throw it off.  It is constantly hanging and I just got tired of it.  Miss some of its benefits like accelerators and "Find on this Page", but came to prefer Chrome because it works all the time.

Thank you for all the info! No I don't think it installed anything like it did on your's, I def. would have noticed that!lol  Yes, I've been using Google Chrome myself for the last year or more, so much better & faster! Thx again! :)
I am occasionally redirected to this site when I attempt to view Google news articles. After clicking a link from the Google news front page instead of redirecting to the story I clicked I am taken to this page. I've been seeing this occasionally for a few months now and have always just closed the window when it pops up. Today though, the site actually downloaded a file "install.exe" to my downloads folder WITHOUT me clicking anything! It never used to do this!! I of course did not run the file and immediately deleted it. 
Yep.  Thanks.  Install program was downloaded automatically by Chrome even though I immediately closed the window.  It happened Nov 19.  I had not even noticed it happen.  Went looking and found it in Chrome downloads and deleted it.  Thank you.
I try different ways and couldn't get a rid of it, so I did a factory reset and download it Norton Security and found one website that I read all the time and Norton Security block it. Once you remove the Malawarebytes program the virus will come back if your computer is already infected.
This one's been appearing when I go to a particular website (lanacion.com).  I've never clicked on it and nothing's been downloaded.  It only comes up on that website, which I've stopped visiting.  Computer works normally.
Yes, that's the same newspaper that I read all the time. I had contact Adobe and Microsoft tech support about it.

Same here, I only get this flash update screen when visiting lanacion.com.  In chrome it automatically starts downloading a Setup.exe which you can discard when prompted.

I wonder if the computer is infected or it has to do with the website.

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