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My question is this.


Tool>Internet Option>general>Home page

Under the General tab, There is Home page , which we would be able to change /create any home page tabs, type any address on its.


Due to frequently changed home page without my knowledge  , I visited internet and  searched advice  how to keep my home page permanently. One web page had given instruction and solution with file which I have downloaded as a solution. As a result now I  don't have a Home Page changing facility and appeared "hptt: // "only ( which cant changed or  adjusted as previously) and  there is condition below the"  appearance "colour, language tbs "(i) some settings are managed by your system administrator"


I need to delete this condition  in order to change  home page  what I want and as I wish . Due to this system administered condition my present   web  page always is blank page and visit Internet  Google chrome and I cant get IE web search page.


Kindly advise me on the issue.



To go back to the previous Internet explorer (IE) setting, reset IE by doing the following


1. Click on "Tools"->Internet Options->click on Advanced tab

2. Click "Reset". After IE is reset, close and open IE



Next, change your home page.

Tools->Internet Options->Type in the home page and click "Apply"



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Please download and run ADWCleaner:

Very late edit:

When you need to change a Home Page, which has been hijacked, you often cannot change it directly to the Home Page you have chosen.

Select Start, Control Panel, Internet Options, General tab. Under Home Page click the Use new tab and Apply. Restart your computer and open Internet Explorer. Go to the internet page you wish to adopt as your Home Page. When it has opened click the cogged wheel icon under the X (close window button in the top right of window) and select Internet Options from the drop down menu, select the General tab, click the "Use current" button under Home Page and click Apply. Restart your computer and open Internet Explorer to check that you have your new Home Page.

This type of problem is caused by parasites. They are installed when you download some third party software. You should pause when software has downloaded and look to see whether there are any recommended add-ons. Many add-ons are not needed. Uncheck the option to install the add-on before proceeding to install the application. ADW Cleaner will remove many parasites but if you have evidence that parasites are present it is  sensible to scan with Malwarebytes (freeware version for home users only -not the Trial version): 

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Sorry this didn't help.

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