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Internet Explorer 11 cannot use copy paste within the browser

OceanarosePA asked on

Since the download of IE 11 I cannot use Copy Paste as I had been before in a website I use for Ebay listings called

I have checked my settings and it's set for using copy/paste in Tools of IE 11.

I'm using Windows 7

Any help out there would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you, Marion

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Stan53 replied on

I enabled compatibility mode on IE 11 and it now works fine. It copies & pastes the text with the formatting  and underlying links.

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Ramesh.Kumar replied on


No, using compatibility view option do not require admin permission. However, if your computer is connected to any domain network then it depends on the IT department of your company that is there any group policy applied on Internet Explorer settings or not.

Hope the information provided is helpful. Do keep us updated about the status of your issue and we will be happy to assist you if required.


Ramesh Kumar.
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urbarra replied on

This is a problem reported at multiple sites.  IE 11 has taken away the ability to copy from a website and then paste it in another site, especially forums.  There must be a problem with security access.  I have copied a link from a website to Word and it works.  But if I try to copy the link back to a website forum, it doesn't work.  It just stays blank.

Do a search and you'll see that this problem seems to be unique to IE 11.  The only solution people have come up with is to switch to another browser.  I'd hate to do that, but I hate to have a browser tell me I'm not allowed to copy a link even more.

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