Q: ieframe.dll application crashes caused by KB2977629?

The September 9 patch cycle brought KB2977629, the Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer 11.

Never experienced any issues with IE security updates in the past, I was surprised to find out that ieframe.dll caused a crash in Internet Explorer 11 or Cubase Elements 7.

To test the hypothesis, I removed the patch and the issue seems to be gone.

Was it a faulty patch or a faulty installation?

Can this issue be resolved?





It turned out the problem has nothing to do with our custom IDocHostUIHandler implementation as the AV is reproducable without it.

My theory is that terminating the last WebBrowser control which has a delayed background JavaScript code causes TLS (shared memory) becoming garbled.

We fixed the AV by creating a hidden WebBrowser control on first demand and keeping it alive for the lifetime of the process. Still testing but seems stable for now.



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I agree with this assessment.

Many software vendors recommend removing this update (and others in some cases): AutoDesk's is to uninstall this update (and two others). They seem to suggest there are a number of crash scenarios related to this update issue.  Recommendations of this ilk are here , here, here, and here.

Similarly, our application opens a HtmlHelp window. As long as that window remains open, everything is fine. Once that window is closed... boom our app crashes.  Uninstalling update KB2977629 resolves the problem.


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