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Getting Error code " 404 with error message Whoops this page doesn't exist or can't be found" when accesing MSN

The SandS asked on

Original title: MSN Home Page "Whoops this page doesn't exist or can't be found"

I changed my modem (I found out Time Warner was charging a lease fee for their modem - not cool as modems are not expensive.) After changing to a new  modem and registering it with Time Warner I had trouble with the home page - it kept loading Error 404.  I finally got it to load MSN - but this is what I get:

You can click on any of the above links provided on that page and it will load and look right - it is just this main MSN page that says "Whoops!" 

I have deleted the cookies many times - changed the home page and tried changing it back, clicked on MSN.com from the search results page, but no matter what I do I keep getting the above page whenever I want to access "MSN.com."  I am running Windows 8.1 and really like the default MSN home page and would like to get it back.  Does anybody have anything I can try to get this page to load correctly again...

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The SandS replied on

I ended up getting it to work by switching it to Canada (or pick any country you want) and then switching back.

The address is:


If I click to access MSN any other way (via search results, in an email, etc.) it will still not work and load the "Whoops" page.  The address that pulls it up wrong is:


Weird, but as long as I am back on track I am happy...

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