IE10 tabs all go blank, after several tabs are opened

When opening multiple tabs, either all at once, or slowly just by making new tabs from links, etc., all tabs across every Windows of IE start to go completely blank.


In some cases part of the current page will try to load but stop, as if out of memory or if the computer couldn't process a script, but the system is no where near using even half of my 16GBs of memory, nor is the cpu usage as but baseline. Trying to scroll down the pages sometimes allows a few more lines of text, etc to be rendered, but generally it's just a blank page, sometimes pure white, something the color of the background of the webpage, e.g., solid black, solid cyan, etc.


Again, whenever this happens all current tabs are retroactively effected as well, and the only solution is to close *all* IE browsers Windows and ensure that all IE processes are completely closed as well. To combat this I've tried using the "restore previous session" system to help recover whatever it was I was looking at, but often that just causes the problem again.


There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to what sites are open that can cause this, any combination of sites cause it when multiple tabs are opened, and the issue doesn't happen when only one or a few tabs are open. There also is no way that I know how to instantly trigger/repo it other than just making a lot of tabs and waiting until everything starts going blank.


I would say it seems symptomatic of simply opening "too many" tabs and not having enough memory, but a) it doesn't require an enormous number of tabs to happen, sometimes I could have open 30+ tabs with no problem others times far fewer cause it. b) the actual memory used is not much at all, especially given my system has 16GBs of RAM and is never close to even making a dent in that, and c) I've open far more tabs on other versions of Windows and IE, and never ever have seen an issue like this before.


I would find it very strange that this machine a 4.6Ghz quad core, 16GB RAM, GTX670 GPU, would struggle with... browser tabs.. compared to years old laptops and other computers with Windows 7, that never had this problem at all, so my best guess is something is broken in IE10 on Windows 8.


I will try to get some screen shots and possibly even a video recording the next time I run into this problem, but for now my descriptions will have to do.


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I thought I replied to this already, but I can't seem to find my reply. Apparently my issue was fixed when I turned off the Office Document Cache handler addon (and related addons). You can do this by going the "Manage Add-ons" menu item under the gear settings icon.


The issues seems to be related to these Office Add-ons, and once I turned them off I don't seem to have the issue anymore. Hope that helps.

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