Q: I accidentally deleted IE 10 whilst trying to solve a problem with my Windows 8 upgrade. How can I obtain a replacement?

I recently upgraded to Windows 8 from 7. During the upgrade, I encountered some problems and whilst trying to fix them, I accidentally uninstalled Internet Explorer 10. How can I obtain IE 10 again? Thank you.



Hi Toby,


From your problem description I understand that Internet Explorer 10 was deleted accidently.


Please don’t worry; I’ll try my best to help you.


I would suggest you to check if Internet Explorer 10 is listed.


a)      Open control Panel

b)      Click on Add programs and features

c)       Click on Add Windows features on or off located on the left part of the screen on the program and features page.


If Internet Explorer is listed, click the check box and restart the computer.


After restarting, go to the same location and check if Internet Explorer is listed or not.


Go to the start page and check if Internet Explorer is listed as a tile or not. if internet explorer is already checked uncheck and re-check the check box.


Hope this helps and provide us with more information if you need further assistance. We will be glad to assist.

Rohit Chettri
Forum Moderator

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