Internet explorer tweaks

Using ie11 now and nothing is operating differently,

I have switched to GPU rendering instead of Software rendering and it's better/ Notes about this are listed lower in the discussion,

Ie11 Enterprise mode,

There is a few tweaks which I've learned to use for a better experience which also apply to ie9 as well,

First this is probably the best corruption/ bug finder I've run across, Yes it's free :)

Review Jacee’s instructions to run Adwcleaner here,

Ignore the title of the thread,

Or download it from and follow this download process,

Adwcleaner download process

Use Clean boot to remove unnecessary startup items if you have more than 4 or 5 you have too many,

Your Security is about all you really need to startup with windows,

Ever wondered how to safely get rid of Junkware ?

Options for oem factory installs remove pre-installed manufacture junkware,

ie11 issues with shockwave might be as simple as this,

Adobe shockwave player is probably the biggest role players in how well ie9 or 10 operates/ I usually run with it Disabled and only enable if a I want to watch a video, besides who really cares if annoying advertisements play on a website ?

How to configure your Flash Player settings for maximum privacy and security

Uninstall flash if needed,

Fix flash player permissions problems,

Start of the Tweaking :)

Also switch to Software rendering,

The current version of Adobe shockwave flash element does not get disabled when you use this  recommended reset process,

Export Favorites to Html file just to be safe before Resetting Internet explorer,

Reset process first opening Internet explorer

I'm not exactly sure why but you must manually Disable it to troubleshoot issues,

Use Alt+TA or Gear symbol and Manage add-ons,

Click on Show all add-ons and Toolbars and Extensions,

Click on Adobe Shockwave flash and click on Disable on the bottom right,

I've found little to no need for Java from Oracle so Uninstalling it might help a bit and making sure the Java deployment kit is disabled/ haven't found a way to completely remove Java deployment as of yet ?

Read this and decide if Java is good or evil,

I've also found Alt+TB or Menubar/ Tools/ Compatibility view settings,

Uncheck Download comp-view lists from Microsoft automatically is a good thing to do/ except for Intranet leave Checked and of course Uncheck view all sites in comp-view. will help either version of ie.

Delete your Browser history to get rid of any prior downloaded Compatibility view lists already downloaded,

Every once in awhile the Broken page Icon, (Comp-view) Blue is activated/ Gray is not,

It doesn't always appear and if you ever see the Blue circle with the slash through it right click it to disable active x filtering, also at gear symbol/ Safety/ and Uncheck all items,

When the Broken page Icon does not appear use the F12 key (developer tools)

Click on Browser mode and make sure your using ie10 and not Comp-view which usually is only needed if video controls are inactive and a few other page rendering issues click on another listing to force a switch/ the page will auto refresh,

Document mode can also be manually switched the same way.

Standards usually works best but there are rare occasions where ie7 will end up being checked as default.

Delete Browser history on exit,

I personally don't use allot of features like Form fills/ auto password and Username collections/ or even the New tabs page-Frequently visited sites list,

So if you also don't care for those feature,

Open Internet explorer,

Use Alt+TO or Menubar/ Tools/ Internet options, which you can also access with the Gear symbol on the top right and Internet options,

Uncheck the very top box and then check all others except for the third from the top Cookies box,

The cookies box will allow you to say logged into various sites where you check the box to Remember you/ stay logged in/ it's about all I use.

Delete browser history Settings button,

This next section Caches and Databases listing is purely optional I've found no difference in allowing them or not,

History is also a personal preference I do not stockpile temp. files.

There's not much you can do with Temp files section except make sure it's set on the Recommended size of 250MG in ie10 (Automatically) is not changeable,

In ie9 I had no problems changing the setting to Every time I visit a webpage which I prefer,

But as always there can be third party Security suites which will not understand and therefor block Internet explorer's processes so Please state what you use Microsoft security essentials is popular on this and many other help forums,

For added security you can add another popular one Malwarebytes Pro/ very cheap and works well with MSE,

But be sure to remove any existing security suite before adding another one to replace it,

Avast and AVG have issues with ie10 along with Mcafee and Norton.

See this for the recommended Uninstallers,

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nice job... pretty useful.. 
H.A.V. Aravinda

Thanks Hetti much appreciated,

It only took a thousand edits because the page kept saying Try again later lol :)


Mcafee/Norton/IOBit security should not be Installed on a functioning computer=FreeAdvice

Just when someone thinks they are awesome at making internet explorer faster. I now have quite a bit more reading to do. I so recommended this discussion.

I, and some others, prefer an advanced utility known as sysinternals' autoruns. Just wanted to let you know about it.


I also wanted to ask your opinion: what is with people's hardheadedness in thinking that Firefox is way faster and way more secure than IE? (at least I am not one of them. Not only do I just stick with whatever Microsoft has, but I face the reality that IE is better.)

Yes Autoruns is a very good but Dangerous utility to use for novice so I didn't post it,

It's so potentially dangerous it could have a user reloading windows/ almost as dangerous as using ccleaners registry cleaning options :)


Firefox ?

I used it briefly and wasn't impressed, pretty much the same as Chrome which did work better but Google makes me sick :)

Everyone usually has one silly little add-on/ Codec pack/ Font.... which usually causes a browser to fail,

Personal preference usually prevails just like Security suites,

I prefer MSE and Malwarebytes Pro for protection but others may not share that view so it's a waste of time to convince others of my views.

Thanks for the recommend much appreciated,


Mcafee/Norton/IOBit security should not be Installed on a functioning computer=FreeAdvice
Oh and by the way: I just use Active X filtering for flash stuff. I disable it for YouTube half the time, and for other content that does not have an HTML5 backup.
Interesting I never use active x filtering at all.
Mcafee/Norton/IOBit security should not be Installed on a functioning computer=FreeAdvice
Wow,.... A great deal of extremely useful information here. Will take me sometime to completely understand even half of this information for I am one of those computer illiterate people. lol...But so far from what I have done has helped a great deal. I thank you much for your time and effort you put into this. I am certain I will change my mind on ie being more useful then I believed it was. Being an avid Chrome/Google user for years and just sort of letting ie set there doing its own thing I am finding out that was a very wrong image in my mind. I do have a question that confuses me much though. Your footer: Footer, Mcafee or Norton security should not be Installed on a functioning computer/FreeAdvice.... Why? I guess is the question. I have used Norton 360 for a long time for I am hooked, thanks to my daughter on a Facebook game...**** Wars. Can't stop no way no how. Have tried many times to walk away from it but have withdrawals so bad i turn into a monster. Now I admit Norton does hear from me a great deal for all the crashes and memory, etc usage alarms it is using. My goodness... It seems as if everything that has happened in Norton or on my computer, as I have looked at my events and had a small heart attack, has been put there by Norton. They make it look as if they are helping me but after some lengthy conversations with several agents I did want to discard them immediately. Especially with so many Cloud 7.1 and Cloud 5.0 alarms sent to Symantec for them to check to make sure it is not what their auto alarms say they are. Scares me to a certain early death. Hmmm might have answered my own question here. Ok, again I an going to do much if not all of what you suggest. I will need to maybe try another browser to get on Facebook to get to **** Wars game though. Do not care for Firefox at all. Many are recommending Rockmelt n such but I believe that is a Chrome based browser. Will need to do trial and error. After my Norton expires I will switch though for sure. I need the Tabs on top to play the game that are in XP. Even though I have Windows 7 I sort of use the XP format to have the tabs. The store where I purchased my laptop set that up. That was not an issue for years but now maybe it is. Oh just for your FYI I opened a user account and loaded IE from the beginning to see what it did load automatically. I could tell I certainly over the years somehow did some extremely bad and dumb moves in IE while upgrading to 10. Don't remember it but that is normal for me. Again Thank you so very much. My appreciation is beyond words Sir! Regards to You. Mystermn3468 I did do basic troubleshooting steps before i turned to the forum by the way as cameron parish footer read by the way...and thanks cameron for your input also to ThrashZone
Ben Kellerman

Hi thanks for the feedback much appreciated,

You can read more about Norton here,

Everyone has been down that road,

Say No to Norton and Mcafee

But it's past time to make a turn for the best :)


Mcafee/Norton/IOBit security should not be Installed on a functioning computer=FreeAdvice

     Useful post with many links to good information, ThrashZone - thanks for taking the time to help the Community!  In regards to your mention that you ".../haven't found a way to completely remove Java deployment as of yet ?", I thought I'd mention that I've found the third-party stand-alone binary (i.e., "portable software", with no installation routine required to use the program's executable) JavaRa is an excellent solution to the problem of removing the sometimes-persnickety left-behinds of the Java Runtime Environment (JRE).  Having long deployed both the JRE and the Java Development Kit (JDK) of various Java versions for both per-user and system-wide instances, I've yet to run across an instance involving problems with Java (usually presented during an upgrade process, a total uninstall of Java - rather than simply toggling Java functionality in the browser as needed - as so many folks recommend doing can also present problems due to uninstaller "left-behinds"). 


     Please note that the download offered @ the SourceForge page I've linked is for v. 1.16, which works well for Windows OS' up to & including Windows 7 and Internet Explorer up to v. 9, but for later versions of Windows and/or IE I think later versions (2.3 or 2.4) are more appropriate.  Alas, the "Files" section of the SourceForge page doesn't list any of the later versions; the link to JavaRa Web Site provided on the SourceForge  page hasn't been updated lately, and still points to the original developer ('s site.  This is currently deprecated to a WordPress blog containing simply news posts, including "JavaRa Moved to SingularLabs", which inconveniently doesn't include a link to the new SingularLabs JavaRa site and it's v. 2.4 download page.

Thanks for the feedback and additional information about Java removal,


Mcafee/Norton/IOBit security should not be Installed on a functioning computer=FreeAdvice

* Please try a lower page number.

* Please enter only numbers.

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