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how to roll back ie10

dwashad asked on
I would like to roll back to IE9, 10 is no good
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Probably because your using compatibility mode,

Press the F12 key,

Browser mode click on ie10/ give it a shot,

It's a pity Microsoft removed the ability to Easily determine and disable compatibility view/ Broken page icon on the end of the url address search bar = Total blunder.


Uninstall ie,

Change Windows update settings first,

Click the Start button and click on Control panel,

Click on Windows update or System and security depending on how the Page view is,

Then click on Change settings either on the Left column or under System and security,

Then you will see this page where you'll need to alter the way you receive Windows updates,

After you alter the way you receive windows updates you can proceed with the Uninstall of ie10,

Click the Start button and click on Control panel again,

Click on Uninstall a program or Programs and features,

On the top left click on View installed updates,

This is where you would find ie10 listed Right click it and click on Uninstall,

Boot when prompted,

ie10 will roll back to ie9 automatically,

After that,

Check for Windows updates,

ie10 will appear as a Important windows update,

Right click it and click on Hide.

You can leave the windows update setting the way it is or change it back to default,

I pretty much just Manually run windows update every Wednesday



Mcafee/Norton/IOBit security should not be Installed on a functioning computer=FreeAdvice
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Justin_Harmon replied on
I've run into issues with IE10 as well.  Pages don't load or display correctly and my tabs crash at least once a day.  I rolled back to IE9, which I had no problem with, by removing the IE10 update.  Do this through the Control Panel -> Programs -> Programs and Features -> Installed Updates and under the Microsoft Windows section you should see "Windows Internet Explorer 10".  Uninstall this and windows will automatically revert back to IE9.
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