Q: Allowing Active X controls to be installed in IE 10?

I am running Windows 7 64 Bit Professional.  


My Pace iloK software wants me to allow the installation of an active X control.


In previous versions of Internet Explorer the user would get a prompt message at the top of the screen asking if you wanted to 'allow' the installation of the Active X control or not.  This doesn't seem to be happening in Internet Explorer 10.  I don't see any messages.


How can I see what Active X controls are allowed and how can I manually enable the one that's needed? 


But in principle how are such  requests for active X controls to be installed,  handled by IE 10 - the user doesn't appear to see any messaging?


I need to be able to install the ilok software - so I can then download and activate some software that I have bought.


I am concerned that if I don't resolve the problem soon the time for the download might expire.


If I could emulate Internet Explorer 8 it might work but I am reluctant now to take IE 10 off and reinstall 8, then remove 8 and reinstall 10.


The software that I'm trying to install is the driver and client software on the right hand side of this page:


The message I get from their installation program is: 'The active X component that talks to your ilok was not initialized'.


I have tried rebooting the PC and reinstalling both the driver and the client software but the problem persists.


I am also following this up with Pace to find out exactly which active X control is required (the name isn't given in their error message)!


Any ideas on how I can check if IE10 has let an active X component load?




Click on the Gear symbol on the top right and point at Safety and see if Active x filtering is checked,

Also notice if the Blue circle with a slash through it is appearing,

Right click to Disable,

Mcafee/Norton/IOBit security should not be Installed on a functioning computer=FreeAdvice

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