Office 365 Education Edition for Homeschoolers

I have been really frustrated today in regards to this program.

I was told by a representative today that I could sign up for the Office 365 Education Edition for homeschoolers since I have an HSLDA id.  However, that program is closed.

I contacted support and told them that it was frustrating getting told by a rep that I am eligible for something that I can not enroll in.  Here is a portion of that chat transcript:

Bryan: we home-school and a rep directed me to the link i provided where i can get office 365 education edition for home-school families
Bryan: however, that link says it is full and i can't sign up
Bryan: i have been trying to get my wife to get rid of all things apple and move to surface's, and she saw office 365 education and fell in love with it
Bryan: until we saw we can't sign up for something the rep directed us to
Jonathan Z:

Bryan, may I ask will you need help with the implementation ?

Bryan: what implementation?
Jonathan Z:


Bryan: i don't think i would need help with installing software
Jonathan Z:

Oh ok! In this case our Billing Team at 877-913-2707 available from Monday - Friday from 6:00 A.M to 6:00 P.M., will be able to set up the account, Bryan. Now will there be any other concern I may address for you?

Bryan: so they can setup the education account for a home-school family?
Jonathan Z:


So, I was on hold with the billing # that provided above for 1.25 hours trying to get someone to help and no one could and told me that I was out of luck.  They also said to follow the twitter page that this link mentions:

However, @Microsoft_EDU is not a valid twitter handle.

Why am I being told that I can sign up for something I can't?



You are not the first person to ask this question, but I do not recall seeing confirmation of successful resolution to those questions.

365 Education is an option your school or school board decides to pay for and offer to students.  As a home schooler you fall between the cracks.  Normally access is granted by way of your school  issued email account in the form of something like: yourname @ 

You get it by submitting your email address to MS by this link:

Please use your school email address (Office 365 account) to sign up for free Office via the following link:

This page confirms that your school has paid for 365 education and granted you the right to use it, then they allow you to install it.

Once you finish the sign-up, please install Office via this URL: and then use your Office 365 account to activate it.

So, I suspect your first problem is that you don't have an .EDU email account.  That is surmountable. 

If you don't have any form of schoolboard issued email account that MS recognizes you will have to talk to your "tech support" contact to see about getting one.

Sorry to say, but contacting general MS support for this type of "special" problem normally turns out to be a massive time suck, with not result.  MS support is OK for simple, predefined problems that fit on their trouble shooting "script".  Once you get off script all you can do is hope that they forward you to someone who can actually help. But that is a total **** shoot.

Here are some more links to the MS education web site.  Mabye on one of them you can find a support link that will be better suited to help you

Good luck, you are going to need it.

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