How to: Install and use Extensions in Microsoft Edge

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One of the exciting changes in Windows 10, Anniversary Update, is the improved Microsoft Edge browser. Microsoft Edge is a next generation web browser built on the Universal Application model. The latest feature is Extensions, which let you enhance the browser through third party add ins. Some of the available add ins include Microsoft Translator, which you can use to translate foreign language websites on the fly (we'll take a look at that in this article), OneNote Clipper for capturing information on the web, and Pinterest, a popular social network scrap book website. These are only a few mentioned, as developers work there way through the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, we are sure to see many more add ins for Microsoft Edge.

Check out the following article for details:

Five Extensions for Microsoft Edge and How to Use Them



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I'm 60 with 22 years in IT as a Professional.

I first came online in 1994, and became an MCSE in January of 1995 
Back in 1994 there was only dial-up at 28.8Kbs

Then just 3 months after I was certified MCSE the 33.6K modems were introduced.

I've used every browser ever built since 1994.
Microsoft Edge Browser
 is a piece of ****. It's the worst thought out browser every built.

There is not one redeeming quality of that piece of ****.   

Isn't it amazing that some MS Moron decided that the word c_r_a_p is profanity ?,  and needs to be asterisked out.

I find myself running into a brick wall trying to install the Norton IdentitySafe Extension for Edge.  When I click on the store link to download and install this extension,  the "Get" button is greyed out.  What I do get is a "Get Updated" button.  Clicking on it brings me to a W10 update page. 

Problem is, my W10 settings include automatic updates, and upon manually checking for updates, I'm told that I'm up to date.

So how come I can't get the IdentitySafe extension?  No way I'm migrating to Edge until I can integrate IdentitySafe.

Would appreciate any insights or solutions.

I think I must be losing it. I continue trying to migrate to edge to dump goog's browser and continue running into the same stupid problem. It seems like MS does not really want extensions to be utilized. For that matter, it seems they don't really want edge to excel because nothing seems to work. The extension of choice downloads but never appears in the extension bar. I give up. Edge is a waste of time, Chrome is c_r_a_p. and Firefox is a joke. I remember back in the '80's when the buzz on the street was that PC's will make our lives easier. Wow. I had no clue how much time would be wasted on junk like this.

I don't get Microsoft at all. Seems you have to be a programmer to use their programs and I am not.

I worked in a certain program while in public work and the company had their own program. I had no time to 

keep up with all the constant changes Microsoft makes. Also their help and programs that give ideas to

users are so intricate and complex I get confused. I am educated with more than an MA and really hate to 

feel like I am stupid and retarded. Microsoft should take up more of Apples' ideas where they got them

in the first place. crap!!!!!