Get Started with Microsoft Edge - Tips and Tricks for the new user.

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Microsoft Edge is a new web browser included with Windows 10, Microsoft's latest client operating system. Edge includes a host of features that makes web browsing fast, fun and productive. Some of these features include Cortana, Annotation, Reading View. This article will show you some common tips and tricks for getting started with this new exciting way of enjoying the web!

If you are running the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, be sure to check to check out the improvements in the latest version of Microsoft Edge:

How do I find settings?

Click More actions menu at the upper extreme right of the browser window then click Settings.

Where is the Home button?

The home button is turned off by default, to enable it, open Settings (More actions) > scroll down and click Advanced settings and click the on/off toggle for Show the home button.

How do I change the default behavior of the new tabs page?

Open settings and click in the Open new tabs with list box and choose what you would like displayed when you click a new tab.

How do I find my Downloads, History and Favorites?

Click the Hub button represented by list icon on the command bar or press Ctrl + H (History), Ctrl + J (Downloads)

How do I use reading list?

Reading list makes a web page available offline so you can access it at another time. For instance, if you find an article of interest, but don't have the time to read it right away, just add it to your Reading List.

To do that, press Windows key + H

Click Reading List and select a category then save.

What is Reading View?

Reading View puts clear emphasis on page content, hiding away distractions such as ads, web page themes and branding. To enable it, click the Reading View icon near the Address Bar or press Ctrl + Shift + R.

How do I customize the Favourites bar?

Click the Hub menu then click Favorites bar folder and select a link and drag it in the position you like and it will be organized on the Favorites bar.

How do I import my Favorites/Bookmarks into Microsoft Edge?

Open Settings (More Actions) > click Import favorites from another browser > select the web browser you would like to import from and click Import.

How do I start an InPrivate session?

Click More Actions menu and click New InPrivate window

How do I view a web page that is not compatible with Microsoft Edge?

Launch Internet Explorer or from within Microsoft Edge, click the More Actions menu and click Open with Internet Explorer.

See: How to locate and open Internet Explorer in Windows 10

How to import Favorites from Internet Explorer:

Click the Hub icon (represented by list icon)

Click Favorites (represented by Start icon)

Click Import Favorites

Select Internet Explorer

Click Import

Alternatively, you can use Internet Explorer and access your favorites.

How to locate and open Internet Explorer in Windows 10

How can I use Cortana with Microsoft Edge?

First, ensure Cortana Digital Assistant is setup:

Setup Cortana

To setup Cortana, click the Search box and click the Settings tab then click the on switch to enable it. Cortana will guide through a few quick steps so you can introduce yourself and then you can start using it.

Learn more: Basics: Finding information on the Web and in Windows using Cortana

Once Cortana is setup, you can use Cortana in Edge a couple ways:

Right click on a word and click As Cortana or type in your query in the Address bar. Cortana will display relevant information either in the Sidebar or Address bar.

How to change default Home Page in Edge.

Click More Actions > Settings

Under Open with > select A specific page or pages

Click in the list box and select Custom

Click the Add button (+)

I cannot find Microsoft Edge in my installed copy of Windows 10.

Please note, Windows 10 Enterprise and Windows 10 Pro LTSB (Long Term Service Branch) editions do not include Microsoft Edge. Windows 10 LTSB editions are normally available to volume license customers. Your only option is to use a non LTSB version of Windows 10. This will require speaking with your IT department or Desktop Support Technician within your organization.


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Where is the Home Page tabs (internet options > general tab > Home Pages in I.E.) settings section for Edge!?
To answer my own question - it's well hidden under: open with > a specific page or page > custom >+ sign etc!
Agree.  I am trying to load Add In to browser or have my favorites pull down from menu and not take up so much space on my desktop.  Where is the toolbar?

Getting to favorites in Edge is a 2 step process!

Step 1: hit the bar chart icon

Step 2: hit favorites (star) icon!

Add ins or extensions are apparently not allowed in Edge - yet! 

How do I disable browser recovery with Edge?

how to enable cookies in microsoft edge browser?

and I'm not able to sign in with a microsoft account instead

To manage cookies, go to More actions  > Settings and select View advanced Settings under Advanced settings, then choose the option you want under Privacy and services > Cookies
I'm still trying to find out how to permanently pin favorites to Microsoft edge.  It's a pain to have to repin every time I open the internet icon.  Do I have to go back to internet explorer?
How do you change the favorites bar icon sizes to icons only?
Internet Download Manager works or not on it?????

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