Q: Bing Weather App Tile Problems in Windows 8.1

After updating to Windows 8.1, my Bing Weather app is no longer working properly. I just get the blank blue tile with an icon of the sun on it. I've tried several remedies like resizing, reinstalling, etc., but nothing works. The app works fine when I OPEN it, it's just the tile that doesn't work correctly. Any thoughts? Thank you.



Hello, All,

Try running App Troubleshooter

Troubleshoot problems with an app

If still experiencing issues with the app, run the following scans then retry the app.

Troubleshooting Component Store / System Files Corruption

If you continue experiencing issues after running the scans, Refresh the PC.  You will not lose your files but it will be necessary to re-install any apps you've installed from DVD or internet download.

As a responsible member of the community, please do mark a post as answer if it has resolved the issue you're experiencing. Thank you.

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