Band 2 Split Strap Repair

I have a repair for those of you with Band 2’s with split straps.

30mm shrink tube.

I bought the following shrink tube assortment.

The 30mm shrink tube is big enough to fit over the band clasps and shrinks down tight enough to support the split strap and being black it is not that noticeable. I don’t yet know how it will hold up over time but I have plenty extra to repair it again should it fail or if it gets too grimy.

Here’s a picture of a repaired Band 2 and some pieces of shrink tube.


FYI – this is my second Band 2 which I applied the fix prophylactically. My first one’s strap split after just under a year, I returned to my local MS Store, they had no replacement Band 2’s in stock and did not know if they would be receiving any more. They gave me a MS gift card for the retail value of the Band 2. I’m saving that in hope for the rumored Surface Phone.

Best idea ever. Thank you.

How is this holding up a couple of months later? My Band 2 has just split for the second time and I would rather try something like this if it means a semi-permanent solution to the issues with the strap.

Was yours a surface crack or a full split (i.e. the strap completely broke into two pieces)?

So far so good.

The only small issue I have had was that they sometimes slip a little. I have re-shrunk them with a lighter once which has stopped the slipping. Note, I used a heat gun to shrink them originally.

The pieces I used were a little over an inch long, just long enough to cover from the edge of the display to the area where the band frame transitions to the rubber? strap. Making them longer might help with the slipping but you can always re-shrink them.

      RE: Was yours a surface crack or a full split (i.e. the strap completely broke into two pieces)?

As I said this is my second Band 2 which I got on eBay, it was not split or cracked. I applied the shrink tube in hopes of preventing future splitting.

My original Band 2 strap split on one side after just under a year continuous wear. I did test this fix on it before I returned it to my local Microsoft store where they exchanged it under warranty for a gift card as they did not have any Band 2's in stock or at the warehouse and did not expect them to be restocked. (I'm saving the gift card for the rumored Surface Phone)

I feel this fix should work fine for a cracked or split strap. Maybe not so much if it is broke into two pieces but it may be worth a shot. I would try some type of tape or adhesive to hold and align the pieces before Appling the shrink tube.

The 30mm shrink tube is relatively inexpensive and no matter how you buy it you should have plenty extra to try different fixes and reapply the fix if it does not last or you have problems.



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