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Cortana on Band 2 can’t reach your Phone

Bleak Morn started on

Anyone else having issues where Cortana stops responding to voice commands from your Band 2?

Details here: https://40north.wordpress.com/2016/02/25/cortana-on-band-2-cant-reach-your-phone/

After a device reset, everything works fine - then after about 6 hours or so I get:

"Sorry, I couldn't reach your phone..."


"Make sure Bluetooth is on and your phone is close by"

I've contacted chat support twice on the matter and the only answer they have is to do a device reset whenever this happens (daily based on my experiences - and that of a friend having the same issue) or to get a Band 2 replacement.

Maybe if we can find a few more people experiencing this issue we can figure out a quicker work-around than a device reset and re-installing the Microsoft Health app on my phone.

Maybe the issue isn't the Band 2 - maybe the phone isn't responding to requests properly - which would be odd since all other data from the Band 2 is syncing just fine.

UPDATE: Stopped the Microsoft store last night. They said that based on internal posts this has been a known issue with Band 2 when used with Windows 10 Mobile since November. No ETA on a fix. 😩

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