XBOX One user settings

Could anyone please tell me if the settings on the console, such as headset volume and accessibility features are meant to be user specific or global?

I am trying to setup profiles for my family and not everyone has the same requirements, but whatever I do, the settings are applied across the board, even to my own profile.

For example, children should not be exposed to high headset volumes for extended periods, too late for me, but I cannot seem to be able to set different volumes for each individual. In addition, one user needs to have a mono audio output, but not everyone wants this. Unfortunately, it's all or nothing it seems, unless I'm missing something.

Sadly you arent missing something.  Those sort of settings are console wide as you suspected.  I understand your frustration on this.  You can make suggestions to the team for future features and I think this is a great candidate.  You can do that here: Xbox Ideas.
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