My Xbox 360 slim won't read certain games???

I am having a issue with my slim and reading games. I was enjoying Fallout 3 and it was working fine then i got the new update and the disc now reads" unreadable ". I know is not the game because i bought new zero scratches, so i decided to sell it and get Fallout New Vegas new as well and i installed it as recommend by a friend. And it was fine but after a minute it gave me the same message, the weird thing is that all my other games which include black ops, mafia 2 and final fantasy 13 just to name a few work fine. I really hope anyone can tell me why its happening because now im afraid to buy a new game and then xbox wont  read it, I mean i dont even a have a year with it. 


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Greetings, C0M3xATxMExBR0x. Thanks for bringing your question to the forums. As a first step I'd recommend going through this support troubleshooter titled "Xbox Disc Drive Solution". Give those steps a shot and let me know if it helps you get to the bottom of the issue.

Otherwise, do you get this error when doing anything other than playing games? For example, when you watch a DVD? Let me know!

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