Xbox play anywhere and physical disc buyers

I don't know if it is just me but I think microsoft should do something where people who buy there games on physical disc can still use xbox play anywhere I like the idea of playing on what device you want but love having my physical game collection I don't know why they can have it do you can use the same discs on your xbox and pc or laptop and have it like xbox to initialise game so we can have use of this feature also just wondering what other people think 

Doubt that will happen. The reason they are doing it is to encourage the shift to digital only

Yeah mate I love my physical copies, gutted with Gears 4 as I will be making my first digital purchase to to get early release. Gears is my fave game and I have all the disc copies , steel books etc. But times moving on

I just don't see why you can't use the same disc as on xbox as you can with your pc with uwp and console being very pc like I would love to make use of uwp but wanna do it with my physical copies thunk microsft should do more to make this happen

And I think more console gamers might get laptop and pc if they did this

to be fair I doubt it would . I play consoles for the simple reason it's cheaper in term of buying the console. I probably couldn't afford a gaming pc and keepin it up to date

Two ways they could do this.

1:  A DLC code:  If they did this then it would cause problems with traded in games, people would complain etc. etc.

2:  PC version is on the disc:  This would require your PC to actually have a BluRay player, and most (if not all) laptops don't have a disc drive at all.  Plus a lot of desktops don't come with a disc drive, people just aren't using them.

Personally I think Microsoft have done the right thing, yes you pay a bit more for the digital version, but you get the PC version for free.

I figured a Dlc code would not work but surely you could use the blu ray to install the game and use it like the xbox to initialise it and blu ray drive are inexpensive and you can get external blu ray drive e from ebay for around the £20 mark I think it's a missed opportunity I was gonna upgrade my pc after I buy Scorpio and would use play anywhere if It worked with physical copies but as it stands might aswell get rid of my pc cos you need to go digital for this and I like buying something g and getting something physical on my hand

Agree with original poster I like buying physical games also and for years have seen no reason that  buy a decent laptop but if I could play my physical disc xbox games on a good spec laptop I might be tempted to buy one for the games on the move but I won't go digital for this feature

Totally agree basey I have a reasonable pc already that I could use this feature and would probably be tempted to get rid of my surface pro 3 and get a gaming laptop if I could use my discs but I won't go digital for this I like my physical copies and game collectuon I own over 45 xbox one ganes and still own like 80 xbox 360 games just a shame that's it's only for digital people I think having this for physical would be a selling point for a good laptop or pc

I agree having the PC version on the disc would be the easiest, but again, how would trade in be handled?

If you traded in the game at GAME would you lose the PC version?

I can understand why Microsoft did it this way, its the easiest and fairest way of handling it.  If you cant trade the game in then there is no issues with the PC version.


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