Screen tearing proof for the naysayers - direct Game DVR recording from the Xbox One

It gets a bit tiresome seeing a bunch of people saying that there's no screen tearing in any Xbox One games and that if you're seeing it, it's because of your TV or monitor. It has nothing to do with that.

So, here's a video recorded using the Xbox One's Game DVR: -

The video is recorded internally by the console, so the TV or monitor I'm using is completely irrelevant.

The tearing happens twice in the video, once when I get shot and the screen turns red and again after I die and I swing the camera around.

Here's some still images of the torn frames: -

Perhaps some of you guys won't be able to see the tears in those images though, as your TVs are so good they make them disappear. ;)

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* الرجاء تجربة رقم صفحة أقل.

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@N7 Gh0stz

yes every platform has tearing etc its not specific to x1 or 360. But what i meant was allot of 360 multi plats last gen like skyrim has tearing while the PS3 version did not but the PS3 version had worse frame rate so its a trade off.

PS4 games do have tearing i admit that, for instance call of duty ghosts on PS4 has tearing but it bear minimal and hard to notice but it is there.

If titanfall tore like cod ghosts on PS4 then i dont think anybody would care as much but it dont, titanfall tears ALLOT and is very noticeable.

Killzone shadow fall runs flawlessly and looks great on PS4 the single player is native 1080p and frame rate fluctuates between 50fps and 30 fps but it has no tearing.

Not sure about multi player but i never noticed any tearing, uncharted 2 and 3, the last of us, all were tripple buffered with no tearing.

What am trying to say is why a game which is near enough 720p native cant hold a locked 60fps without tearing and dipping frames in beyond me!

And its not the X1, the console is more then powerful enough its clearly the bad optimising and the ancient source engine they used for titanfall.

Infamous second son is native 1080p at 45fps most of the time with a open world and still is never tears, so what am getting at is titanfall is obviously rushed.

Its such a shame too the core game is awesome and i am sure the sequel titanfall 2 if on PS4 will be light years better and i bet even the X1 version will be better too.

Screen tearing is one of the reasons why i became a pc gamer, on pc at least you have the choice to drop shadows effects, texture quality etc and to choose vsync on to eliminate tearing.

On X1 we cant do that, actually on consoles in general.

I wish they wouldn't have picked a odd resolution and just kept it at native 720p and just worked on getting the engine to lock vsync at a steady 60fps.

Tearing destroys immersion! and pulls you out of the experience.

They are a new company using an old engine that could be the problem. I don't know alot about these things I could be way off base.

* الرجاء تجربة رقم صفحة أقل.

* الرجاء إدخال أرقام فقط.

* الرجاء تجربة رقم صفحة أقل.

* الرجاء إدخال أرقام فقط.


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