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Push Notification Service No Longer Working

Applications can no longer open a push notification channel to my phone.  Third party apps like AlphaJax, Smart Tile, and Pro Sports Scores give an error message when I choose to turn on notifications.  I also cannot go to the Windows Live Mobile Device site and choose Ring It or Map It.  That tells me there's a temporary problem with push notification services and offers to use text messages.  Those messages work, but the problem is clearly not temporary as I've restarted many times over a couple weeks.  Removing programs does not make a difference, either.  I uninstalled everything that sent notifications other than the few that were still working and it did nothing.

This is the second time this problem has occurred.  The first time was about a month after getting the phone and it was solved temporarily by a hard reset.  I don't think it's acceptable to have to hard reset your phone every couple of months, especially when there's no way to back up text messages, settings, and application data.  The phone is billed as a great gaming platform, but what kind of gaming platform forces you to lose all the progress you've made in all your games every couple of months when a basic feature of the phone stops working?  There needs to be a service to manage push notifications on the device or internet side.

I'm a MCITP in Server Engineering and a Microsoft Certfied Trainer with 15 years experience in the IT industry.  I'd be happy to lend my skills to troubleshooting the issue if anyone from Microsoft needs a pair of eye on the device side.  I just will not perform another hard reset until there's an easy way to back up the apps and data on the phone.  I also cannot recommend the phone to any of the businesses I consult for or to their employees whom I teach.

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ChrisLynch06 replied on

Also, don't forget the lack of Live Tiles updating at all.  Recently, I reinstalled Flixster and moTweets.  Both Live Tiles did not work.  Not until I performed the steps outlined here, did my problem go away.  Of course, this requires a Dev Unlocked phone (which I do) and isn't a supported method, and the average user isn't going to attempt this workaround. However, it does bring to light that there are certainly bugs within WP7, even with v 7.0.7390.0 (aka NoDo) that have gone unresolved.


With more and more apps being published, and more developers using the Live Tiles feature, the Windows Phone team needs to be working on fixing this issue (among others as well.)

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jabtano replied on


This whole thing with WP7 is getting old bugs all over the place no updates no fixes just coming soon. all my live tiles stopped working when T-MO gave the pre NoDo update. for which they have not given anything else just the pre update for a OS trying to win market-share MS sure knows how to turn folks off. this will not be my update platform this fall. MS does not fix issues they make you wait and wait and wait. company in decline.
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rudyhuyn replied on
Same problem with me, here is some information : 

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Steve5280 replied on
I am not getting any errors but Stock Alert and the Weather Channel never worked. They only update when you open the app then close and go back to home screen. Only have had phone for a month (LG Quantum ATT). I have tried keeping phone on the charger so WIFI stays on and disabled screen timeout and they still didn't update.
Question-do the native tiles like Games, Calender, a contact with a picture pinned to start and email and text tiles all considered live tiles?

Like OS overall but a lot of little glitches and short comings are starting to annoy me...

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mAshy replied on
have the same problem. im not gonna reset my phone again though i want a proper fix from microsoft
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RASTX replied on
My live tile notifications for third party applications stopped working one by one on my Dell Venue Pro and HD7. Got down to one functional application on my Venue Pro and decided to do a hard reset to "fix" the problem. Now I have five active live tiles, but they are steadily becoming non functional. As mentioned in the Mobility Digest article posted above, the Endpoints and Managed Endpoints registry keys give plenty of clues to the problem. Even though I only have five applications with functional tiles, I am now up to 14 entries in the Endpoints key. Entries in my Managed Endpoints key seem to come and go as they see fit. One day I have an entry for each of my functional applications. The next day one or two are missing for no reason and the tile remains non functional until the application is reinstalled. Doing so will of course add another entry to the Endpoints key until the whole system seems to lock up. Deleting the Endpoint keys on my HD7 did seem to fix the problem if only temporarily. Unfortunately there is no way to modify the registry on the Venue Pro unlike other HTC, Samsung and LG devices so hard reset was the only option.

I really hate to think we will have to wait for Mango for this problem to be fixed. It seems Microsoft could easily give us a way to reset the notification keys in the registry without giving unlimited access. Until then a key feature of Windows Phone 7 is only partially functional. Deep down I fear Microsoft is unlikely to address this issue as they prefer to wait for a massive influx of new end users once Nokia releases their modified Mango WP7 devices, once again leaving current early adopters out in the cold.