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wpdave asked on

New Update for Samsung WP7 gets Error 800705B4

Signed into Zune and an update for Samsung phones available.

Did the install and finished with Error Code 800705B4 and no update. Followed the web help. No help.

2nd fail at update.

Anybody have any ideas?
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Greg 8.1 replied on

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If clearing the history on the phone does not resolve the 800705B4 error. There is now a Windows Phone Support Tool available that should fix this problem. More info on this tool is at:





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Danny L. - WP7 Support replied on


Hello Everyone,

If you’re running into error 800705B4 “The timer ran out on what we were trying to do”, when updating your phone, it may help to temporarily delete media items from your phone (like music, videos, pictures and podcasts) and try the update again.  But before you delete any media from your phone, first sync your phone with your PC so you can later sync your media back to your phone. 

If removing media content doesn’t help, you can try removing apps from your phone and then attempt the update. 

Once the update has been installed, you can sync the media back to your phone and reinstall your apps. 

For more information, please check our knowledge base article:


Thank you,

Danny L.
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Entegy replied on
Mine is updating as I post. However, it seems the problem with the older version of the update was "fixed" by just skipping Step 6: Backup. There's no way that a backup was done in a few seconds that it took to jump to Step 7...

EDIT: The update failed with the same error as you (800705B4), but my battery level is under 50%. I'll charge it for a few hours and try again.
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Alkasai replied on
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Danny L. - WP7 Support replied on


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Entegy replied on
Tried again. Another failure: http://i55.tinypic.com/dfuo9u.png

"The timer ran out on what we were trying to do"

And that was what exactly?
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Travelor replied on

I've yet to see the update with my Samsung Focus - Guessing that the issue hasn't truly been resolved yet.

In Christ,
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Entegy replied on


It's a different issue. The backup seems to be taken out of the equation and now something is timing out.
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Florin T. Radica replied on
So... I get the error 800705B4 and I have tried the following, as the "Windows Phone Update Solution" page suggested. There was no specific solution for this error code, so I had to choose "I received an error not listed here."

So I tried:
  • rebooting phone, including removing battery for a couple of minutes
  • connecting directly to the front USB port port and not through my extension hub
  • connecting directly to a USB port on the back of my computer

All this was done with the original USB cable that came with the phone, with each step having no apparent effect on the outcome of the update.

My phone (Samsung Omnia 7 - on Three UK network; SIM unlocked) seems to remain stuck on the connecting to computer screen. I was expecting it to show the "connect to PC" image and then switch to the "do not disconnect" image, but rather just remained on the first.

So... My hopes for a certain fix on this update have been let down. Is this seriously that hard of a problem to get around?...
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Neil D. replied on


To help dig deeper, if you are running into the error 800705B4 during phone update, could you please be sure to provide the following details...

  • your phone's make, model and mobile operator
  • your phone's OS version (from settings>about>more info)
  • your PC's OS version (windows 7, XP, etc.) - or if you're using a Mac.
  • Zune PC software version (from within Zune go to settings>software>general and then click 'About Zune') - or if you're using the Windows Phone 7 Connector for Mac.

It would also be helpful to know the exact steps you went thru...

  • were you first prompted for a Zune software update?
  • at what step # in the phone update process did you see the error?

Thank you...


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Bruno A. replied on
Microsoft Forum Moderator




Could you please unplug all non-essential devices, such as webcams, game controllers, and printers, and then try to run the Windows Phone update again?


Thanks for posting.

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Florin T. Radica replied on


So my details are as follows:

  • Samsung Omnia 7 on Three UK
  • Phone's OS version: still 7.0.7004.0
  • Windows 7 64-bit
  • Zune's version: 4.7.1404.0

I simply plugged my phone in via cable with no previous relating steps, Zune detected my phone and came through that I have an update available, and I went ahead with the update. The phone reboots as step 6 indicates. Then when it gets to step 7, saying it's installing updates, no progress is ever made (and the phone never seems to know it's connected - the computer does) and hence the timeout. The phone eventually reboots with Zune's step 1 of 2 saying so too and then states it has failed.
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