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JacobB147 asked on

something weird popping up when i go to hotmail login page

this script is at the top.

<!-- PreprocessInfo: BTSA007:RR1BLDA083, -- Version: 13,500,20661,0 -->.

i am using linux so not sure if thats the problem or not. anyone knows what this means. the people at the microsoft customer service so hoping i get better help now.  when i called didnt want to even talk to me about it.

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PennyHunt replied on

I am getting the same thing.  It started yesterday.  I use Firefox.


<!-- PreprocessInfo: BTSA007:RR1BLDA083, -- Version: 13,500,20661,0 -->



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ShoRo12 replied on


Same for me, started a couple of days ago. I'm also using Firefox.
My hotmail account got hacked earlier this year so I'm twitchy about this !
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ShoRo12 replied on
Same for me. I'm using Firefox.
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Iftikhar Indher replied on
Same problem here on my Windows PC using Firefox.
Possible reason is "Web browser either does not support JavaScript, or scripts are being blocked."
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Jataka replied on
Exact same thing happening to me. I use Firefox & have made no changes to my computer. This is annoying. MS does things without warning folks whats going on.
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ShoRo12 replied on
Now having more annoying problems with hotmail - I seem to be getting signed out while i'm in the middle of my emails and it asks me to sign in again :

"Please sign in again. To help protect your personal information, we periodically sign you out (for example, after 24 hours or when you sign in to a different account).

Anyone else getting this too ? What's going on ??
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ShoRo12 replied on


Was advised by a friend to download and a Firefox update. It has disappeared so I'm guessing it's sorted and that it was a Javascript problem ?

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jmaks replied on
Just a html comment which some browsers render as plain text by mistake, cause of two minus signs in the middle. If MS web developers would like to make the  login page more compatible, they should put it (for example) like this:

<!-- PreprocessInfo: BTSA007:RR1BLDA083, Version: 13,500,20661,0 -->

Then the comment will be hidden in all browsers.

Either way, it's harmless. It means something to those who made the login page, and should remain hidden.

Hope this helps.. :)
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Helene_C replied on

Hello Everyone,


Before addressing your main concern, we sincerely apologize for not being able to answer your concern in a timely manner. We are experiencing high contact volume at this time which has caused our delayed response. We appreciate your patience while we work through this situation as quickly as possible.


To address your concern, please verify if the issue occur when using other browser? Also, do you encounter the issue when accessing other websites?


Have you already contacted Firefox support regarding this issue? If not yet, please contact their support on how to Restart your Firefox with Add-ons disabled.