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The install file cannot be properly validated.

When attempting to install Symantec's Norton 360 from installation CD I receive the following error message: "The install file cannot be properly validated." I have used this same CD to install the program on a Samsung NC10 netbook run XP Home with no problems.

The computer I am trying to install this program to is running XP Pro.

I have spent four hours with two different Symantec Techs with negative results. The last tech stated it was a Windows Installer problem due to the fact the Symantec's Norton 360 was not recognized by Windows as a valid program.

I have gone through all of the solutions on Windows Article 555175 with negative results.
I have tried downloading Norton 360 from different locatons on Symantec's website I receive the message that the publisher is unknown. When I click for it to continue with installation I receive the same message as with the CD: The install file cannot be validated.

I have tried checking/unchecking the Windows Security check for valid digital signatures. Still no go.

I have cleaned all temp files from hard drive. I have tried Wndows Installer key logging without success.

Tried the unreg/reg for windows installer.

Tried to download Windows Installer 3.1 ver 2, but recieved the message that my current Installer was newer.

Norton 360 is not the only problem I have had this problem with. Sun Micro Systems Java (invalid digital signature, did not install,) Zone Alarm Pro (would not install) and Quicken (digital signature invalid, but did eventually install) also come to mind. There have been others. I have had this computer for approximately five years and the installing problems began approximately one year ago.
I am currently running Windows Firewall and security.

Windows updates are current and running Service Pak 3.

Please help.
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Malkeleah replied on
Perhaps the computer is already infected. What antivirus/security programs do you currently have installed? There is a built-in Windows Firewall but XP does not have any built-in antivirus/security programs.

Be sure the computer is clean:
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Elephant Boy Computers - Don't Panic!
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GusToo replied on


I had Kapersky installed until Symantec's tech uninstalled it.
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GusToo replied on


I have reinstalled Kapersky 2010 and run a deep scan. No viruses, spyware, malware, trojans, etc. detected.

Any other suggestions?

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Malkeleah replied on


Without seeing the machine I really don't know what is wrong with it. Certainly it sounds like you have some operating system corruption. Uninstalling/reinstalling the various antivirus programs didn't help either. Here are a few things to try:

1. Back up your data to external media if you haven't already done this.

2. Start>Run>sfc /scannow [OK]

This will start the System File Checker. I rather doubt this will do any good, but it won't hurt.

3. If #2 doesn't help, do a Repair Install.

4. If nothing avails, since the problem has been going on for so long I'd just do a clean install of Windows. Since the computer is elderly (in Computer Years), I'd do routine hard drive and memory tests first before going ahead with the clean install.

MS-MVP - Elephant Boy Computers - Don't Panic!
Elephant Boy Computers - Don't Panic!