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not a valid Windows image

When booting up using Windows XP I receive the following msg:  The application or DLL c:\windows\system32\rudadiza.dll is not a valid Windows image.  This msg pops up repeatedly and each time it has info top left such as: services.exe - bad image, userinit.exe - bad image, Googleupdate.exe - bad image, Explorer.exe - bad image, etc.  I've installed McAfee Total Protection and it has found and guaranteened 61 Trojans.  I've also downloaded Microsoft Security Essentials and it found numerous malware yet I continue to have this pop up.  I've also defragged following scans.  Not being a computer whiz, I'm stumped at this point.  Any simplistic suggestions?  I did download and run PC Mighty Mac, I believe it was called and it found 412 problems but it wanted me to pay for the program to have them fix it, so I uninstalled it.  Thanks for any help! 
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To begin with you need to make sure that the system is clean, use one or more of the scanners listed below to scan your system with, all of them are rescue disk or boot scanners so the system will be offline while the scan is going on and any infection wont have the chance to become active. you would need to burn them to a disk then boot the pc into that





                                         BitDefender Rescue CD


                                        F-Secure Rescue CD


                                        Kaspersky Rescue CD



                                       "List of free disk burning software"

                                         I recommend imgburn




                            "How to set the PC to Boot to CD/DVD"



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