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ACT Voicepack SDK Can I safely remove it?

This program comes up in my Securia scan as an unsecured program and I can't update it from Microsoft update.  It is for the 2004 Flight Simulator Software Development Kit, which I will never use.  Using Uninstall seems like the easy way out. 

c:\Program Files\FS2004SDK\ATC_Voicepack_SDK\msxml4.dll   Note: msxml4.dll is the file that I can't update.
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"Different versions of MSXML are included with various Microsoft products, such as Windows, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Office, and Microsoft SQL Server, as well as some third-party products. "

It probably has more uses than just for the program you mention, have a read of this article, see if you can follow the procedure for uninstalling and getting the latest versions available.

MS06-071: Security update for Microsoft XML Core Services 4.0