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Someone else created windows live id with my yahoo email?

I received a notice at my yahoo email address from "Windows Live Team" asking me to verify my email account and new Windows Live ID.  I did not sign up for a windows live ID.  This is the email: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Welcome to Windows Live ID ... From: Windows Live Team <postmaster@windowslivemail.com> ... Add to Contacts To: Lollydahl@yahoo.com Hello Lollydahl@yahoo.com, Thank you for signing up for a Windows Live ID. Use the e-mail address (Lollydahl@yahoo.com) and password you provided during sign-up to sign in at any site or service where you see the Windows Live ID logo. This e-mail message contains important information on how to use your account, including what to do if you forget your password. Please save or print a copy so you can refer to it later. TO SIGN IN Click the sign in link at any participating site, and then type your e-mail address and password in the sign in box. You can also sign in with a single click, by choosing to save your e-mail address and password on your computer when you sign in. TO SIGN OUT Click the sign-out link at any participating site to sign out of all Windows Live ID sites. OTHER IMPORTANT LINKS You can sign into Account Services from the Windows Live ID home page at: https://accountservices.passport.net/?lc=1033 At Account Services you can see more useful information, and view or change your profile. IF YOU FORGET YOUR PASSWORD You can reset your password at Account Services. We strongly recommend choosing a question and a secret answer, and an alternate e-mail address where you can have Windows Live ID send you a password reset message. To create these password safeguards, go to the Credentials page of Account Services. To reset your password, go to Account Services, click Forgot Your Password, and follow the instructions on the screen. Windows Live ID is committed to protecting your privacy. We encourage you to review the Privacy Statement at https://accountservices.passport.net/PPPrivacyStatement.srf?lc=1033 If you have questions regarding the Privacy Statement, send an e-mail message to passpriv@microsoft.com. To request more help, contact Customer Support at https://accountservices.passport.net/CustomerSupport.srf?lc=1033. Thank you for using Windows Live ID! Windows Live Team NOTE: Please do not reply to this message, which was sent from an unmonitored e-mail address. Mail sent to this address cannot be answered.  " XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX The emails verifying registration & requesting I confirm my email that instantly came from my own legitimate actions signing up for a Windows Live ID appear to be Exactly the same as the ones I received an hour before - but I had not tried to create a Windows Live ID then. This was followed by an email with the same info/headers requesting I verify my email.  Then another "welcome to windows live id" email.  Then a 4th email with subject line "Windows Live Account Security Confirmation" telling me I had successfully changed my Windows Live ID from my yahoo email to a new hotmail email. Again, I had not signed up for a Windows Live ID.  So I opened another browser and decided to sign up for a Windows Live ID at this site (Microsoft Answers) and used the same email address.  The emails that came asking me to verify the account registration and yahoo email used are identical to the ones I received when I had not signed up . So . . . does this mean someone else tried to create a Windows Live ID with my yahoo email?  Or is this just a very well done phishing email?  The links and headers all look completely legit.  It is weird. Anyway, I guess the result is I have a new Windows Live ID  that I personally created now.  =) Lollydahl