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linnocent asked on

Trying to install Kaplan GMAT but it's asking for MCI Drivers in Vista

I install my Kaplan GMAT disc and it's asking me to install an MCI driver?  How do I do that?  Is there a link you can direct me to?  On the Kaplan website, it has no instructions about MCI drivers.  Please help!

PS.  I'm running Windows Vista Home addition

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Judd - Support Engineer replied on

Hello linnocent,

Thanks for using the Microsoft Answers Forum.


After doing some research I have found that the MCI drivers may be related to your audio card that is installed in your computer. Do you know if the software that you are installing has functions or features that require audio services from the computer to help it run? Sometimes a program will have multimedia presentations that require audio or video drivers or services to be available for the program to run properly. In the research I have done this problem can be related to several different types of soundcards but more frequently people with a Creative (SoundBlaster) product seem to be victims of this problem. Try going to the manufacturer’s website and downloading updated drivers for your soundcard and installing them manually by using the Device Manager. You can also do a search for your brand of audio card and its relation to MCI drivers and see what your favorite search engine pulls up.


Let us know if this helps.

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linnocent replied on
Wow, I am really disappointed in Microsoft.  I posted this request a few days ago to no avail.  Let's try to do this again. 

I installed my Kaplan GMAT CD and it is requesting that I install a "MCI" driver?  Now not being computer savy, I am at a loss.  The solution that was listed in a previous thread to the same exact problem was to go on the KAPLAN website.  On the Kaplan website there is no mention of "MCI" drivers.  Can someone please send me a link to download this "MCI" driver so I use this KAPLAN CD and move on with my life!!!!  Thank you for you quick response??
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Kevin-- replied on


Hi linnocent,

Please try the solution offer by Judd and let us know if it helps solve your issue.

Thank you,
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digitalkp replied on


I have tried Judd's solution with no luck. (I have the exact same problem but with their GRE CD).

My computer is one month old and has all of its drivers updated (I even tried to manually update the sound cards). I have searched the internet and found that is is a common issue with no real solution given by either Kaplan or Microsoft. One side says it that guys issue and vice versa.

Does anyone know a real solution.

I'm using a Toshiba E105 with Vista home (64bit). ds
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Debbie - Support Engineer replied on


Hi digitalkp,

Thanks for the responses to the community forum.

MCI drivers provide the functionality for MCI commands. The system software performs some basic data-management tasks, but all the multimedia playback, presentation, and recording is handled by the individual MCI drivers.

Drivers vary in their support for MCI commands and command flags. Because multimedia devices can have widely different capabilities, MCI is designed to let individual drivers extend or reduce the command sets to match the capabilities of the device.

It also may be the sound card is not permitting the action the MCI command is requiring.

digitalkp, thanks for posting on the community forum, have you tried using your favorite search engine and searching for "MCI Drivers" and "Toshiba E105" ? 

You can plug that exactly as it was written, quotes and all into a web search bar and see if it results in the driver finding you may need.  The driver is not authored by Microsoft, or we would provide a link to it for you. 

(NOTE:  Using Third Party Software, including hardware drivers can cause serious problems that may prevent your computer from booting properly. Microsoft cannot guarantee that any problems resulting from the use of Third Party Software can be solved. Using Third Party Software is at your own risk. )

I understand the need for the MCI driver it must be present and in order for the file utilizing it to function in the manner designed.   

You might want to continue a search online, for the MCI driver, it may be that you might find that which is suited for the file type you are using .

Please keep us advised involving this issue, if further assistance is needed.

Best regards,

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EP1967 replied on



This is a crappy response and you call yourself and Engineer.  You sure you are not a politician?

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kristin.007 replied on


So you work for Microsoft and all you can tell us is to search with another search engine for the solution to this problem? 

I am having this same issue, the MCI Drivers issue as described above, and I have yet to find a solution.  I have contacted Microsoft three times and have been told nothing useful.  As the original poster mentioned, each party claims they are not at fault.  I am angered b/c I too just purchased this computer about a month ago.  It operates on a MICROSOFT Vista 64-bit operating system, and yet you at Microsoft seem to have to idea how to fix the system you created.  Please direct me or to someone who might actually be able to resolve this issue, or provide a link or some actual directions for how to install the MCI Drivers onto my 64-bit Vista system.

Thank you!
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kristin.007 replied on


I am having this same problem! SOOO frustrating.  Did you happen to find a solution.  Neither party seems to be willing to help out. 
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Ah Yani replied on


Hello All
I figured out the problem after half day research. the CD rom is not fully compatible with Windows Vista 32 bit & it is not compatable with the 64 bit. here is a copy of the email that i have received from Kaplan Tech Support. sorry to carry the bad news but just thought it might help you as It helpedime to figure out how stupid Kaplan is.. (2008 or 2009 Kaplan CD's are not compatible with Vista.... what a joke...

here is the response I got from them:


Thank you for contacting Kaplan's Books and Software division. The CD's
are not fully compatible with Windows Vista 32-bit. It is not compatible
with Windows Vista 64-bit. Unfortunately, we don't have any Windows
Vista compatible CD-ROM. We suggest utilizing any available windows
based operating system such as 98, 2000, XP. We apologize for any
inconvenience this may have caused you.

If you have trouble with your GMAT Premier Program 2009 Edition Cd, you
can access the CAT practice tests from the CD-ROM online via your Online
Companion. Go to the main menu options and select one of the practice
test links under the "Practice Tests".  This information can also be
found inside your Premier Program on page 21 of the yellow pages.

You can find the Practice Tests from the CD-ROM when you log into your
online account. Click the "go" link on your My Page. When your syllabus
loads up, scroll to the section that reads "Practice Tests". Under the
practice test section the CD-ROM practice tests are named "Practice Test
from CD-ROM". Click on which one you would like to take. Then you will
be able to use the CD-ROM practice tests.

Please let us know if you have any further questions.

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BLUEBERRYPIE46 replied on


I am having the exact same problem with the new computer I just bought with VISTA 64-bit and Kaplan GRE 2009 edition.  Extremely frustrating and a waste of time to find out there is no answer.  Thanks for the information.

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