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How can I add items to the start menu in Windows Vista?



In Windows XP I could take the steps below to access the start menu:

·         Open Windows Explorer

·         Open C:

·         Open Documents and Settings

·         Open Keith (My user name)


I have since upgraded to Windows Vista and I’m unable to locate the same folder, are there a different set of steps that need to be taken to change the start menu In Windows Vista?

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There are a few different ways the start menu can be accessed in Windows Vista:


·         Open Windows Explorer

·         Open C

·         Open Users

·         Open Keith (provided this is the same user name)

·         Open AppData

·         Open Roaming

·         Open Microsoft

·         Open Windows


From here we will see a folder titled “Start Menu”


Another, way to access this “Start Menu” folder would be to:


·         Right click the Start Pearl

·         Select ‘Explore’ or ‘Open’

·         From here the ‘Start Menu’ should be open


If you need to make modifications to the Start Menu for multiple users:


·         Right click the ‘Start Pearl’

·         Select ‘Explore all Users ’ or ‘Open all User’

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Hari Maurya replied on


You can also add Item form Program files to start menu by doing a right clickon particular application and select " Pin to start menu ".

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