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Is that OK to install windows 7 beta for home daily use?

Since Windows 7 Beta is releasing soon, I want to install it for home use. Is that ok? By the way, my PC is mainstream this summer.

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S.Sengupta replied on
It is not wise to install it on primary machine.Beta softwares are buggy,so better use it only on secondary or test machine.
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padora replied on


Thanks. That suppose to wait for another year.
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Hans Le Roy replied on



Just a comment: I think you mean IE8 (not version 7 that has been published quite some time ago).

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The 25th Hour VA replied on


No, Windows Beta 7 is the new operating system under development to replace Vista.
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Sandy G replied on
It is never suitable to install a beta on your main computer. It isn't even safe to install a brand new, released operating system on a main computer. Try to wait until the major disasters have been discovered and fixed. Six months is not wrong.
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Susan Bradley replied on


Not to mention only people that went to PDC or a few other sources have access to Windows 7 so more often than not it's being downloaded from a Bittorrent site which brings it's own risks.