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error 646 for KB982331


Every time i try to install KB982331, i get error cod 646. i have tried to down load KB982331 manually, but i get the message that security update is already installed on your machine!, despite that action center "windows 7" keep indicating back up is not installed successfuly. can any one help?

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I can not install window update kb982331on my computer " window 7".  Every time i try to install kb982331manually, I get the message that updatye already installed on my machine! yet, i have a constant reminder in action center that security update Kb982331 is not installed. can any one help?
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Put the KB numbers in the search at above link > manually download them.

If that does not resolve it:

Windows Update Forum:


This is the Vista Install, Upgrade and Activate Forum.

You will get the best help for any Update/Service Pack problem in the Windows Update Forum; link below:


When you repost there, kindly include any Error Codes, and exactly what happens when you attempt to Update.

That way you will receive the best help there.


For any Windows 7 questions:


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All Windows 7 questions should be directed to/posted there.

You are in Vista Forums.



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Here's what I recommend you to do:

1. Turn off User Account Control (UAC). Don't just lower down the restrictions - turn it off completely. See below on how to disable/enable it.
2. Restart your computer for the change to take into effect.
3. Re-download Security Update for the 2007 Microsoft Office System (KB982331) from the link below:
4. Install it. It should be working fine.
5. If it still does not work, go to Windows Update client (for Vista and Windows 7) by clicking on Start and type "Windows Update" on the Start Search textbox. Windows Update window will then appear. Click "Install Updates".
6. If it still does not work, try to open any or all of your MS Office applications (like MS Word, MS Excel, etc).
7. Follow Steps # 3-4.
8. If it still does not work, follow step # 3 again. After downloading it, try to disconnect your computer from the internet (either unplug the internet cable or turn off the modem). Then, try to install the downloaded (KB982331). It must be working this time.

Let me know your findings.
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