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NSIS Error

please help me for nsis error. When i run .exe then it gives me error of nsis error
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Shekhar S replied on
Hi NSIS Error,

Thanks for posting on Microsoft Answers!

The NSIS errors may occur under one of the following conditions:
    1. Software files downloaded from the Internet are not complete.
    2. Downloaded software files have been modified from the original version.
    3. Your PC is infected with a virus.
    4. Physical media being used to install the program is damaged.
    5. Required hardware (For example, CD/DVD drive) is malfunctioning.

You may do the following tasks:
Try to install your software after each task.
1.  Delete the cache of your Web browser. To do this, in the Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 window, open Tools menu and then select Delete Browsing History….Next, click the Delete All button and also select the check box in the confirmation box that is displayed. Finally, click Yes to completely clear the browser cache.
2.  If the name of the downloaded installer files comprises multiple words, rename it to have only one word, say, SoftwareNameInstaller.exe.
3.  If available, download the software installer file from another approved source.
4.  Update your antivirus/Security software program.
5.  Disable your antivirus program and any download accelerator tool on your computer, before performing the download.
6. Thoroughly scan your PC for possible virus or spyware infections.

Follow the link below to run the free online scan:
The following thread discusses about removing viruses and malware online:

Another workaround:
   1. Open Command Prompt window, to do so, click start windows and in the search bar type cmd.exe and right click on it and run it as administrator.
   2. Drag your installer file into this window.
   3. Press the space key once and type /NCRC and then press Enter.

Hope it helps.

Thanks and Regards:
Shekhar S - Microsoft Support.

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Thanks and Regards,
Shekhar Sharma
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Gloomyad replied on


I want to continue to discuss this problem. I have two computers first with installed Windows XP x32 and Second with Windows 7 x64.  I have a flash drive that is formatted for Fat32. I've copied few .exe files into this drive from First computer and then i remove flash to Second computer. Then I try to run something exe file and receive this ERROR. When I remove flash drive to First computer and try to run file, that is all Right.      I don't know why this is  happening.

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dadadasda replied on


For people of ROMANIA who use FireFox in Romanian language try this tutorial: http://www.tutorialepc.ro/nsis-error-error-launching-installer-remediere-problema-2.html
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Alirezaii replied on


i want to help.but i need to persian language.
because i'm persian.Can you help me?
it's my mail:
*** Email address is removed for privacy ***
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Doing all this things also mine problem is not solved.please help me out.
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AntonioTerrano replied on


Hello to all! I have a pc with windows 7, I recently formatted and installed only convenient antivirus, microsoft office, adobe reader, winrar. At startup, after which loads all the programs I get the error: NSIS Error    Error launching installer     
how can I eliminate this error? thanks
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TerryLaney replied on


Ho does one find out what software installation attempt is causing the NSIS error?
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YW2000 replied on
In my case the issue was caused by the C:\Users\[Username]\Appdata\Local\Temp folder not having the correct permissions. And it was resolved by manually editing and allowing 'full control' for the Administrative and current users. (also added SYSTEM to the allowed group)

I have no clue how it came to be that the TEMP folder lost it's permissions, and it took some forensics to figure out why Dropbox wouldn't launch and why MS Word won't bring up the "Save" dialog. The problem was compounded because I wasn't getting any errors. It wasn't until I tried un-installing Dropbox that I received an NSIS Error which gave me a clue to go on which eventually brought me to the 'Moogles' answer at the following page:

Hope this helps someone else with a similar issue.
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AshkanRafiee replied on


i want to help.but i need to persian language.
because i'm persian.Can you help me?
it's my mail:
*** Email address is removed for privacy ***
داداش داره میگه یا برنامه رو خوب دانلود نکردی 
یا برنامه در حال اجرا و استفاده در جای دیگست 
یا ویندوزت ویروسیه (که به احتمال زیاد در این مشکل همینه)
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OwLz replied on


Leave the nsis error installer message open, don't close it.

open windows task manager(CTRL+ALT+DEL) you will see nsis error "running" on that task tab on task manager.

Right click on nsis error and then click "Go To Process" (This should take you to the process tab). This will indicate what program is giving you the problem as it will be running. 

In my case is was dropbox (updating issue). however if you don't recognize the program in the process tab then once again right click on the suspected program and click on "Open File Location". This will take you to the physical file that's causing the program. You should then get a better understanding on what program it could be and in my case because i already knew it was dropbox, i did not have to do this as all i did was re-install dropbox and it fixed the problem.

Hope this helps.

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