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LillianBarnes asked on

How to get rid of Blekko search engine from Windows 7

First let me say I am a great-grandmother, and don't know too much about computers. So please be patient  with me, while I try to explain the problem. By the way I am runnng Windows 7.  Somehow I have picked up  the blekko search engine, and can't get rid of it. Here are the things I have already tried to no avail.   Used the add/remove function to uninstall it. I went to manage add ons, it does not show blekko there.  Then went to settings and changed search engine to google instead of blekko. I also ran Malwarebytes,  which found no problems. I am at wits end, ready to jump out of a basement window. Please help!!!!!
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Cameron O replied on
I'm going to guess that you are using IE as your browser. Click on Tools > Manage Add-on > Highlight Blecko > Select Disable

Hope this helps.
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LillianBarnes replied on


Thank you for responding, however I am using Chrome, not  Internet Explorer. I tried the manage add-on function there and it did not work.
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RSC49 replied on

Step 1

Log on as an administrator

click START in the search programs and files type REGEDIT

(ensure all hives or expanded  Hkeys in the left pane are contracted)

You should therefore only see
in the left pane and nothing in the right

step 2

with Computer highlighted in the left pane click File>Export
and select an appropriate drive (not system drive ) to store your current registry settings. give it a name you can recognise.

Step 3

Click Edit on the File Menu Bar

then Find > (in the Find What box, type  "Blekko")

make sure under the look at  box

all the boxes are ticked

do not put a tick in "Match whole string only"

Press return

delete every instance that shows Blekko

until the end of the registry search.

Step 4

Close the registry editor

at this stage before you reboot you should repeat step 1

This would then save a registry without BLEKKO entries.


Before going back on the internet ensure any browser you're using has all references to Blekko removed
as search engines or anything else.



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Marilyn O replied on


Hello LillianBarnes,

Look at the link below on how to remove Blecko from Chrome:



This should help to resolve your issue.