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No stereo sound in windows 7

Hello, I have a new computer with windows 7 Home Premium Edition. I have a problem with the speakers, I have 2.1 Yamaha and heaset Logitech. The sound comes only from the left speaker. I have download the new drivers from Asus site but still nothing. Any ideas?

The configuration is Asus P7P55D DELUXE, i7 860, Ati 5770, 4gb Ram, 1TB WD.
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Gaurav Prakash replied on
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Hi xkgr,

How long have you been experiencing this problem?

Have you recently installed or uninstalled any software or hardware?

Are you experiencing this with both headset as well as speakers?

I would suggest you to follow these steps.

1.      Go to sound and in the play back tab chcek if the 2.1 speakers is listed and selected as default.

2.      If it is not seen, right click and select show disabled and disconnect device and set 2.1 speakers to default and chcek if it works.

If this does not help, follow the steps below.

If your computer is having problems playing sound, try using the Playing Audio troubleshooter to fix the problem. It checks for common problems with your volume settings, your sound card or driver, and your speakers or headphones.


Open the Playing Audio troubleshooter by clicking the Start button, and then clicking Control Panel. In the search box, type troubleshooter, and then click Troubleshooting. Under Hardware and Sound, click Troubleshoot audio playback. If you're prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.


For further information, visit the below mentioned link:



 Hope this information helped!

 Thanks and regards

 Fouzan – Microsoft support

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xkgr replied on


Hello again,
Thanks for your reply. Due to the fact that I am abroad for business I cannot check what you are suggesting but I can tell you the following:
1. I am experiencing the problem from the first time I check the speakers, 1-2 days after I bought the computer.
2. The problem is for both speakers and headset.
3. I have used the troubleshooting but it didn't find any problems and I have select the speakers as default. What I have noticed is that when I trying to test the speakers from the control panel all the sound comes from the left one.

My speakers used to work well with the old computer I cannot say the same for the headset, maybe I will try a new set of speakers.
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xkgr replied on


Hello again I am back so I can try what you proposed.
1. On the play back tab I am only stereo speakers, they are set as default. When I try to configure I don't get any options for 2.1 speakers. I have the following options:
Stereo (default)

When I try to test the Stereo I can hear the sound when the test is for the left speaker, but when It does the test for the right Speaker I hear a from the left and the volume is low.

2. The option Show disabled and disconnect device is checked but I don't have 2.1 speakers, only stereo.
I've tried the troubleshooter but no problem appears.

Any new ideas?

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1norcalman replied on


I have a similar problem ... brand new HP dv6 2173cl notebook ...  Windows 7 Home Premium.  There is no separation between left and right speaker (ie, no stereo, only mono).  I spent three hours on the phone with HP tech support yesterday and they could not figure out the problem.  Most people wouldn't notice it unless they were using headphones to listen to music.  But for those of us who edit audio, video, and gamers, it is an issue.  Reinstalling drivers did not solve the problem
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xkgr replied on


Dear all,

Finally I bought I new set of speakers and now works ok, the headphones are not working but I believe this  will be fixed when I get new ones!

The strange thing is that the old speakers are working with the old computer but not with the new one!!!!

Thank you all for the ideas.


PS. 1norcalman if you manage to solve the problem write to us also. I will check my laptop with Win7 to see and I will tell you.

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Greggggggo replied on


I'm having the same exact issue right now, I just have some an old fashioned, 2 speaker setup. And sound only comes from the main speaker (The one with the power button/volume control on it) I've tried nearly every fix. The trouble shooter does NOTHING for this whatsoever. And that's all the moderators/people who answer suggest. I have a near brand new set of bose headphone's, and even then, the problem consists, sound will only come out of the right speaker on the headphones. This is a real issue, and so far, i've seen no help towards other than run the trouble shooter or buy new speakers. 
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xkgr replied on


Hi again,

I have tried my laptop with win7 and it works ok with the build in speakers.

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Greggggggo replied on


I'm still having the problem, and i've yet to get a reasonable answer from anyone about this issue other than run the troubleshooter which hasn't done a single thing for it. The trouble shooter says everything is working as it should. When it's definately not. I'm getting mono sound, on a stereo setup. And i've seen loads and loads of other people with the problem, and no fix. Im thinking of just going back to windows xp because this is ridiculous.