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Windows 7 error message 651

I'm running Win 7 64 bit all has been great until recently.  I'm unable to access internet or see other devices on my LAN (ie printers other devices).  I get an error message 651,  I have ethernet to router to modem and get to the internet via Comcast.  Other pcs/laptops on LAN have internet access, no problems.

  • Did the Chkdsk - no problems
  • Ran Microsoft Security Essentials full virus scan- no problems
  • Did a restore to a prior date (5/23/2010 - no change
  • Downloaded the raspppoe.sys file onto my laptop - burned a cd and installed on the PC
  • Renamed the old file to raspppoe_orig.sys - did a restart - no change
  • Checked all ethernet cables/connections - no change

    I welcome any insight into solving this riddle, as business is closed until I can get back on line.  Thanks much.

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    Azam K replied on


    Step 1:

    I would suggest you to run network troubleshooter and check if it helps, here is the link:

    Open networking troubleshooters


    Step 2:

    Disable your antivirus and other security software if you have installed and check as this can interfere with the connection.

    Step 3:

    Do you have Microsoft Virtual PC installed?

    Many users facing the same issue seems to have fixed it by disabling/uninstalling the above. For test purpose you may disable the above feature temporarily and see if there’s any noticeable change.

    Step 4:

    Disable IPv6 for your connection

    Here’s how:

    1. Go to Control Panel > All Control Panel Items > Network & Sharing Center > Change adapter settings (in the left pane).
    2. Right-click on the connection you‘re using > Properties > Networking Tab.
    3. Now remove the tick from the IPv6 box.
    4. If it makes no difference, it is completely reversible by ticking the box.

    Note: Ensure to enable your antivirus back. Also ensure that you enable the Virtual PC back if it’s not causing the problem.

    Step 5:

    Try updating the drivers for your modem and check if it helps, go to manufacturer’s website download and try installing it and check.

    Here’s a complete list of error codes that you may receive while making dial-up connection.

    List of Error Codes that you may receive when you try to make a dial-up connection or a VPN connection in Windows Vista


     Azam – Microsoft Support.

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