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Ratty2103 asked on
I just purchased a new desktop and installed Windows 7 Profesional.
I was able to connect to the internet via the router, after a lot of messing about and was able to register, activate and update my installation. However, today, when I booted the destop, it wouldn't connct to the internet, or see the othe computers or printer in my home network. Whenever I try to connect, I receive the following :-error 651  and when I run Network Diagnostics, it returns with ""Local Area Connection" does'nt have a valid IP Configuration."
I have swapped the cables between computers and the problem stays with the new box. My laptop wirelessy connects via the router and sees the other devices ok.
Having checked on the intereet, I see that this is a common problem with Win 7 and have already tried the "raspppoe.sys " as suggested by "Shinmila H-Microsoft supprt on to no avail.
Please advise, or Email a hotfix.
Thanks for your attention in this matter.
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Nithyananda J replied on

Could you please answer these below questions?
1. Did you follow all the steps which Shinmila H suggested you to do?
2. Are you using Dial-up or Broadband connection?

First I suggest you to reset tcp/ip on your computer, to do that you may visit the below link.

How to reset Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)

Change TCP/IP settings
I suggest you to Power cycling your Modem and Router might resolve the problem, here are the steps:

1.Save all your current work, close all open applications, then shut down your computer. Wait for a minute.
2.First, turn your Router off and wait for a couple of minutes.
3.Turn off your modem.
4.Disconnect all the Ethernet cables that are connected to the router and modem and the PC.
5.Reconnect them and ensure that there are no loose connections in between them.
6.Now, switch on your PC and let it boot.
7.Switch on the modem first and after it gets initialized, switch on the router.
You can also try disabling Firewall/Security Software if any, and check if it helps:
I also suggest you to refer this link which talks about the same issue:

Ensure that you enable the Security program on your computer.

Thanks and Regards:
I. Suuresh Kumar- Microsoft Support.
Visit our Microsoft Answers Feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

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shallyd replied on
  • Reset TCP/IP Settings.
  • If using a Laptop, make sure the wireless switch or button is turned on.
  • Replace the RAS PPPoE driver:
    1. Open a Command Prompt as Administrator. 
    2. Select all the code below, then right click it and click Copy:
    3. TAKEOWN /F "C:\Windows\system32\drivers\raspppoe.sys"
      ICACLS "C:\Windows\system32\drivers\raspppoe.sys" /grant administrators:F
    4. Right click in the Command Prompt window and click Paste.
    5. Press Enter.
    6. Once it has finished, close the Command Prompt.
    7. Go to the following folder:
    8. Rename the raspppoe.sys file to raspppoe2.sys
    9. Right click on the following file and click Save Target As / Save link as:
      Vista RAS PPPoE Driver.
    10. Save it in the C:\Windows\system32\drivers folder.
    11. Restart the computer.
  • If using a Modem, obtain the latest driver.
  • Reset your router.
  • Re-install your network card drivers.

Fix Error 651 PPPoE Broadband Internet Connection

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J-Robin replied on

It worked to get me back on the internet with a broadband connection. Now I am told the computer is trying to connect to a DNS server that doesn't exist, How do I fix that? I do so love wireless!!

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HVerma replied on

A very simple way to solve the problem was to go to control panel following location
Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network Connections
Right click on broadband connections [WAN Miniport(PPPOE)] and un-check set as default.
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akasharora replied on

In the 9th step can you please tell me which file are you talking about
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paulseaborn replied on
if you have error 651 and can not sort out what to do,all's you have to do is go to your laptop or decktop provider check on there site for the drivers that you require and download,more often than not the driver that your using is for the older system before you updated
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Robert_Klein replied on

I have had the same problem. I installed AVG Premium Internet Security.

In my case the program thought it was fully installed.

Actually wasn't so, we couldn't disable firewall and solve the same problem.

Suggestion: Try going into command and type ifconfig /all check if you see the mac address

above example: ff-00-ad-1c-ee-fc.  If you do not see this anywhere show on the screen it probably means the anti virus is hiding the information. Hence you will not be able to connect to the network.

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RobertLorincz replied on


I have a problem.You said that replacing the RAS PPPoE driver could solve the problem.I did the steps but i don't have the option Save Target As/ Save Ling As.Can you tell me if i have to open the raspppoe2.sys file with a specific program.

Thank you.

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bittu010 replied on

Hi I was facing the same issue, Here are some troubleshooting step which can help you to fix error 651.

1 - Reconnect Your Router or Other Connecting Device

This is the most basic troubleshooting step, One can simply solve this error by reconnecting the internet connecting device. So if you are using router then simply turn off your router and after 5 minutes turn it on or if you are using LAN connection then unplug the wire and plug it back.

2 - Reset TCP/IP On Your PC

Resetting the windows networking stack can solve error 651 and luckily windows 8/7/Vista comes with a built-in tool you can use to do this just follow the below steps.
  • Launch command prompt with administrative right.
  • Copy the command given below and hit enter
netsh int ip reset reset.log 
  • Restart your computer and hopefully the problem will be solved.

Usually the 2nd method worked for me, But if it doesn't works for you you can try other methods list below which will surely help you in solving error 651.

3 - Reinstall Network Adapter 

4 - Recreating Dial Up Connection

5 - Disable IPv6 of your Internet Connection

6 - Disable Auto Tuning Feature

7 - Perform Clean Boot

Checkout these Methods at source website -

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Amit Kumar 404 replied on

Error 651 is a common error which is faced by a lot of Windows operating systems users. If you are using Windows 7 this is one of the most common errors. 

What is Error 651 and Why It Occurs while connecting to the internet in Windows?

If you are really willing to know that what is error 651 while connecting to the internet in Windows? or what does connection failed with error 651 mean? then here are some of the most appropriate reasons why connection error 651 occurs:

  • There is a file named Rapspppoe.sys which contains network information. If this file is stored in the wrong location of your PC then you might get this error.
  • Registry errors are also one of the most prime reasons of this error.
  • IP Address conflict - if you are having the same IP which is allocated to another user by your Internet Service Provider.

How to Fix Connection Failed With Error 651 in Windows

There are plenty of simple ways available to fix Error 651 : The modem (or the other connecting device) has reported an error. Some of the most active methods are explained below:

Method 1: Reconnect Your Router or Other Connecting Device

If you are using a modem or router the switch off your router and turn it back on after few minutes.
If you are using a direct internet or LAN cable then remove it and reboot your device. Plug in the cable back and then try to connect.

Method 2: Reset TCP/IP on your PC

Resetting TCP/IP on your PC can solve error 651 and luckily windows 8/7/Vista comes with a built-in tool. In order to do so:

  • Launch command prompt with administrative right.
  • Copy the command given below and hit enter

netsh int ip reset reset.log 

  • Restart your computer and hopefully the problem will be solved.

Method 3: Recreate Dial-up Connection

Recreating your dial up connection can fix this issue.  In order to recreating dial-up connection:

  • Open Network & Sharing Center and click on Change Adapter Setting.
  • Now right click your broadband or dial up connection and select Create Copy.
  • This will create a copy of your existing connection.
  • Now simply delete your old connection and redial the new connection.

Method 4: Disable Auto Tuning Feature

Disabling/ turning off the auto tuning feature is also very useful for all those users who are using router. To Disable Auto tuning:

  • At first, Start command prompt as administrator.
  • Type in the below command and Press Enter

“Netsh interface tcp set global autotuning=disabled”

Method 5: Disable IPv6 of your Internet Connection

You can also solve this error by turning off the IPv6 for the dialer modem. Simply, Right click on the Connections, Select Properties, Then Uncheck the box which says Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6).

Method 6: Reinstal Network Adapter

Reinstalling the network adapter to fix Connection Failed with Error 651 problem. To reinstall network adapter:

  • Go to start and search for devmgmt.msc.
  • Double click it to launch device manager, Now look for Network Adapters Category and click the “+” icon it’s left.
  • Now right click the first network adapter and select uninstall.
  • Restart your computer and your network adapter will get automatically reinstalled.

Method 7: FPerform Clean Boot

Performing clean boot can also be used as the last solution to help the user who are facing this error. If everthing is fine in your Windows services then this method will not be working for you.

In order to see its step by step guides in details along with screenshots, check out this guide:

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