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Kourken asked on

HP PSC 1350 Is not recognized by Windows 7


Just installed Windows 7, however it does not recognize the HP PSC 1350 Printer as an installed printer.  I hesitate installing Windows XP driver based on what I have seen on the web.  Any suggestions?
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Steve Winograd replied on
Run Windows Update.  It sometimes finds drivers that weren't found during Windows 7 installation.
Steve Winograd
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ChuckStdr replied on

found work around: go to: http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/document?lc=en&cc=us&dlc=en&product=306888&lang=en&docname=c01796879
Works for direct connection but if you're looking to connect over network and the printer is connect to a xp pc, your out of luck

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Gussishere replied on
if u set windows to update drivers auto in "change device install settings" can be found in start button search then unplug printer from pc and plug in again should start the updates auto it has just worked for me anyways
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BobSpencer replied on


> Works for direct connection but if you're looking to connect
> over network and the printer is connect to a xp pc, your out
> of luck

Not true.  That is my exact setup. 
 Step 1:  Connect printer to Windows 7 (64-bit for me) system
 Step 2:  Install printer using the stock Windows 7 in-OS driver  (http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/document?docname=c01796879&lc=en&dlc=en&cc=us&lang=en&product=306888 )
 Step 3:  Go to "Start" menu.  Connect to the share you shared your printer on the Windows XP system.  Since you already have a driver for 1350 it will just use the in-OS driver.
 Step 4:  Disconnect the USB cable.  Plug it back into the Windows XP system.
You can now print over the network to the PSC 1350.
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Kevin_5150 replied on

None of the previous comments worked for me.

Be certain to read all the following directions before trying to install the following driver:   



Here's the same link from ZDnet which requires you to register and login, but it gives a good description of all the printer models supported:


I previously wrote about the solution for this using the x64 beta driver for XP. (Solution 2) I've since upgraded to Vista, and later to Windows 7 with a brand new Core i5 machine. I ran into difficulty because this driver will not install at all on windows 7, it gives 2 error messages, first saying you cannot install using the "Run as" command, and second saying the OS was not compatible. it was then I had a wonderful revelation:

1) go to http://www.7-zip.org/ then download and install the x64 version of 7zip. once installed, right click on the the printer driver .exe file and choose 7 zip>> then extract to x64Drv5.64.0.17>>
this will extract all the files in the driver file into a folder.

2) add a printer. choose local printer, USB virtual connection. when it asks for a driver choose "have disk" then point it to the extracted folder.

The driver will install and work perfectly!

NOTE: if your downloaded file is named
x64Drv5.64.0.17, you may need to rename it and add the .exe to the end so it appears as "x64Drv5.64.0.17.exe"

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EricaESG replied on


After looking all over the place to get my printer (Hp psc 1300 series) to print. This helped! Thank You. I downloaded the  x64Drv5.64.0.17.exe file and extracted it. I didnt download 7 zip since i already have winrar which works the same. Then I went into my device manager and right clicked on "hp psc 1300" which was located under "other devices" and clicked "update driver software" then clicked "browse my computer for driver software" then clicked browse and clicked the folder I had extracted the  x64Drv5.64.0.17.exe file in and WAHLAH! IT WORKED!
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Eric Soukenka replied on


Tips above worked for me Windows 7 64bit
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LauraRinard replied on


But can the scanning software work with Windows 7?  I keep getting an error that it doesn't see me as an administrator and it will not run the installation for the scanning software.  TIA

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WasiuBaanu replied on


uhmwaaaa  . . . . . Oh. . .  Thanks so much. It works so well. Thanks buddies. The zip thing, x64Drv5.64.0.17 extraction, update driver, locate the source file, and there! Installed.