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Fax & Scan - V.34 compatibility and TWAIN

I have not yet tried Windows 7 but am anxious to move from Vista Ultimate to Windows 7 Ultimate.  The deal breaker will be some compatibility with my system.  I have a Multitech MT5634ZPX-PCI-U V.34 (Super G3) analog modem for faxing.  I also have a Canon CanoScan 4200F scanner.  I have a potent system with a Gigabyte MA790XT-UD4P motherboard, an AMD Phenom X4 955 Black Edition processor, 8 GB of 1066 DDR3 RAM and an ATI 512 MB 4770 Video card running Vista Ultimate 64 bit. 

With Vista Fax & Scan I have not been able to get anything other than 14.4 kbps fax speed as it does not support V.34.  Fax & Scan in Windows XP did support V.34 so I was just a little miffed.  My other option, if it will work, is to use an old program I have that was not Vista-compatible called Phone Tools eXPert 4.0 which does allow TWAIN scanners and is V.34 compatible if it will work in Virtual XP mode.

My Canon scanner with Vista 64 (or with Vista 32) does not have a WIA driver so it also did not work with Vista Fax & Scan.

Does Windows 7 Fax & Scan restore V.34 compatibility which should never have been removed?  To any small business that faxes a lot off the desktop this is a real problem with long distance faxes in countries without unlimited faxing plans.  V.34 reduced fax page sending times from ~10 sec. to ~3 sec.  With negotiation times included a 5 page fax is reduced from ~ 4 minutes to ~1.5 minutes. 

Also, does Windows 7 Fax & Scan now support TWAIN-only scanner drivers or will I either have to purchase a new scanner with a WIA driver or use the CanoScan Toolbox?
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Jessen P replied on
Microsoft Support Engineer

Hi kingsclear,


Welcome to Microsoft Answers!!!


You can follow the link to run the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor that will list programs that it determines aren't compatible.




The scanner Canon CanoScan 4200F scanner seems to be compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 7.


The Multitech MT5634ZPX-PCI-U V.34 (Super G3) analog modem and Twain doesn’t seem to be listed in the compatibility center.


However if  any of the applications has compatibility issues, I would recommend you to try running the incompatible programs in Compatibility mode first.


Windows 7 has inbuilt tool which will help resolve most of the compatibility issues.


You can access the Program Compatibility troubleshooter by following these steps,


1)      1) Click Start.

2)      2)In the Start search box, type troubleshooting.

3)      3)Select Troubleshooting under Control panel.

4)      4)Under Programs, click Run programs made for previous versions of Windows.


Access the link below to check for the compatibility of your products with Windows 7.




Hope this information is helpful

Varun J
Microsoft Support
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kingsclear replied on


I don't get it.  No one seems to understand what I am asking.

THIS IS NOT about the respective drivers!  It is about how Windows Fax & Scan handles those drivers.

For example, Windows Fax & Scan in Vista WILL NOT recognize a TWAIN-only driver even though Windows does.  So a Canon CanoScan 4200F scanner will work in Vista if the user uses the Canon Toolkit or other TWAIN-compliant programs.  However, if the user tries to use Windows Fax & Scan to run the scanner, they will receive a message from Windows saying "No scanners were detected...".  This is due to the fact that Windows Fax and Scan only looks for WIA drivers installed, not TWAIN drivers.  When it doesn't see a WIA driver it says that there is no scanner on the system.  This makes no sense.  Other programs such as the aforementioned Canon Toolkit and Snappy Fax recognize TWAIN drivers and will activate the scanner. 

As for the modem, the driver for this modem is compliant with a large list of ITU-T specifications.  It works just fine in Windows Vista if you only want standard fax speeds of 14.4 kbps (V.17).  However, this modem is also capable of the V.34bis standard (Super G3) and, if connecting with another Super G3 fax machine, is capable of sending and receiving faxes at 33.6 kbps.  But it will only do that if the controlling fax program initializes the driver to allow V.34bis negotiation.  Otherwise it will only negotiate a connection at V.17 speed or 14.4 kbps.   There are fax programs such as FaxTalk Messenger Pro 7.5 which will initialize the modem's V.34bis ability.  However, Windows Fax & Scan in Vista WILL NOT do that because, for reasons best known to the programmers, that compatibility was removed when the Windows Fax & Scan component was migrated to Vista from XP.  Windows Fax & Scan in XP DOES support V.34bis.

So my question again is whether Windows Fax and Scan in Windows 7 has been fixed so that it recognizes TWAIN scanner drivers and the V.34bis specification in some modem drivers?  Not all modems support V.34bis. 

Hopefully, you now should understand what I am asking.
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KeithjUK replied on


No, Windows 7 Fax & Scan will NOT work with a twain scanner.   My Agfa scanner is twain (aren't all scanners these days?).   It works perfectly with every other item of software on the PC, but not with Fax & Scan.   Here's what happens:


but when I ask it to scan something:


I have posted in several places about this problem - which existed with Windows 7 Ultimate in Beta and RC1 versions, and is exactly the same in Home Premium which I installed earlier this week.

I'm back to using the scanner with Paint Shop Pro, then "printing" the scan to my old WinFax package.   That works OK, and achieves the maximum speed the devices at each end of the line can handle.  It's a kludge, but it works.

[Edit}:  I'm not sure how this BB software handles images.   That method works with every other BB I Use, but not here. 
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kingsclear replied on


Since you are using the old WinFax you must be running it in XP mode as WinFax would not work in Vista.  It is the same as Phone Tools in that regard.  It has to do with the way printers are handled.    Avanquest purchased BVRP, threw out Phone Tools eXPert and Fax Tools eXPert by no longer supporting them, but fixed the module that wouldn't work with Vista in Phone Tools Classic which is the same engiine.  Go figure.

Thanks for the heads up on the TWAIN driver incompatibility.  This is a no brainer for Microsoft.  Why are they not fixing it.
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Sergio77 replied on


At Kingsclear, sorry for my poor english, I'm french...

But I have exactely the same problem that you, I installed Windows 7 professional on Windows XP and since my CanoScan 4200F scanner is out !
I installed the new drivers Canon 64, I see the scanner in the control panel and for Windows all is OK, but any software "see" the scanner !
I wrote at Canon, I wait an answer... I think that a problem of driver Twain abandoned by Microsoft for the WIA driver. It's pity !
If anybody have a solution... Thanks before.
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kingsclear replied on


One would think that the engineers at Microsoft would see all this bickering about the lack of TWAIN support in Fax & Scan and fix it.  But who am I to judge.  What I don't get is that Microsoft in its infinite wisedom removed a simple V.34bis ITU-approved compatibility in Fax and Scan.  Why would they do this?  It is absurd!  There were no reported issues that I know of.  The only thing I can think of is that only 2 modem manufacturers embraced V.34bis for computer modems.  It is hard to find a good fax machine without it.  

Both Canon and Microsoft are complicit.  Maybe I will get Canon to replace my scanner as they insist in not producing a WIA driver.  Or maybe we could start a class-action suit?  Calling all those owners of Canon CanoScan 4200F!  We are going to sue Microsoft and Canon together.  Oh!  I forgot.  The lawyers will get all the money and we won't get a dime.  Shucks!