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Wesley_P asked on

What is in the February Update (2/12/2013) for Surface RT?

What updates to Surface RT will be released today?

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Jordana_S replied on

Hi there Wesley P.

That is a great question, which I am happy to address. The February update, which will be available later today, includes improved Surface Wi-Fi reliability, connectivity in various scenarios, and performance improvements:

  • This release will address several 'Limited' Wi-Fi connections issues.
  • Contains driver updates improving performance with Windows, Volume and Power buttons

I hope this is helpful, please let me know if you have any further questions.

To check for updates:

  1. Open PC Settings, by swiping in from right edge (or, if using a mouse, point to upper-right corner of screen)
  2. Tap or click Settings
  3. Tap or click Change PC settings
  4. Under PC settings, tap or click Windows Update
  5. Tap or click Check for Updates
**In addition, please check out the Surface RT update history page for more details on all previous updates.
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darrenmc replied on


My laggy volume button on my surface seems to have gone....yippee



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jm997 replied on


When will we see CalDAV and CardDAV support?
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Barb Bowman replied on


and a better mail client from MS like Outlook RT that has been rumored...
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David08098 replied on


I did all of the updates.  Well, I see improvement, and I thank you for that MS.  I do still get a limited connection when I am near my router, but now I can connect in my house in other rooms, which it only did very rarely in the past.  So it's getting better.  I do love it when it works, and it works more often now.
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darrenmc replied on


 I have also found it hops to new AP's much more smoothly now...
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Infinidim42 replied on


The latest update is improving the Surface RT. Microsoft keep up the good work and fix more of the little issues we have as users.
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LCRT replied on


still having issues with music playing. yesterday it was cutting off if I used the keyboard to type, and then crashing the music app or playing one song and then throwing an error when the next song came along. still have various issues with plugging in headphones, it stops playback very often with error messages on the music app. complete rubbish.


my surface also displayed a blue screen (not of death) today, I was forced to do a long press of the power button to restart the machine. it would register keypresses (making the keyboard sounds) but no image was displayed other than a blue colour. I don't think I have ever had to do that before.


networking wise, I didn't have much trouble before and it still works ok.

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ToddBarnette replied on


How about a silverlight update!!!!
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SurenJGD replied on


Where is that? I didn't see any update on mail client-Please elaborate.



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