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How to sync Outlook with Blackberry Torch

I am trying to sync my Blackberry Torch calendar with my Outlook 2010 calendar. Apparently the Blackberry Desktop software doesn't support "click to run" which is a component of Outlook 2010. Is there a way around this? If so what do I need to do?
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I have uninstalled Outlook 2010 and begun the installation of 32bit... I hope this is correct. Looks like there are only 3 options, nothing says MSI version. The three options were 32bit, 64bit or Click to run.


My other quetion is how come Windows Live calendar is not compatible with Blackberry. I really really like the Microsoft Windows live Calendar and its options but I was upset when I could not retrieve it on my Blackberry, its only available on other devices such as iPhone, Windows phone or Android. Will it be available on the Blackberry's anytime soon?



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Live calendar: probably not. It uses active sync to sync with the other devices, blackberry doesn't use active sync.

Yes, the 32bit is the correct version. 64bit would work, if you had 64bit windows, but the experience is better with the 32bit version.


Diane Poremsky [Outlook MVP]
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